Would You Barter a Building for a Piece of Land?

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We had a nice 2 story  shop in Central America. It was made of treated lumber. A 30X30 foot building we ran a marine repair shop out of. We had built it ourselves years before, and had finally gotten it completed.

Unfortunately, we had a problem with the owner of the property, and we ended up having to vacate the property, and “take our building with us”, or lose it. This was after over 8 years of building the business and establishing a top notch facility.

As you can imagine, it was a huge undertaking to dismantle a two story building that big. That’s after we emptied it of a huge collection of tools and machinery. Luckily, we had 3 more strong people who were working with us at the time.

After we cleared the building of all of it’s contents, we removed it in sections, so we could assemble it easily again.

After over 2 years of storage, we decided that we didn’t have a lot of use for it any longer. So, we decided to sell or trade it for something of equal value.

It didn’t take long afterwards to get rid of it, as someone had some waterfront land nearby. So, we looked at the land, decided it would be a good trade, and made a deal.

The other guy ended up putting a small house up, after trading us for the large one, and he was already working on another deal to get rid of the building for another piece of land. Smart guy he was, and we kept in touch after the deal.

Getting creative allowed us to buy a piece of waterfront land, which we otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. Who says barter needs to have equal value, anyway?