WingNut for Chicken Barter

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I didn’t realize until recently but all my neighbors.
I mean ALL of them.
For a mile up and down our little country road seem to be watching me
Cut my lawn with a Scythe.  (I get a lot of hand waves and horn honks)
How do I know this?
A – Because 2 farm workers walking down the road asked me,
“Why haven’t we seen you cutting your grass with THE STICK?
(I replied, “I’ve been cutting the back 40 first.)
B – A neighbor came over and asked to take a short video of me
cutting grass with the scythe
I obliged and close up he commented, “Damn your cut grass fast.)
C – Another neighbor stopped his Bicycle to Complement me on
the Benefits of the Aeorobic workout my scything gives me.
(This neighbor goes by every weekend.  Dunno how far away he comes
from just to Yell Health and Exercise comments at me.)
Most recently…
An older lady stopped by to ask for a favor.
Sue said, “I’ve seen you sharpening your scythe with that sharpening stone.
Could you sharpen the blade of my hedge trimmer?”
Come to find out her blades are razor sharp.
But the WingNut That determines the tension on the blades
so they cut grass – was loose.
We got it tight and she tested it.
Worked great – to Sue’s delight.
For the first time in my fifty years living here at the farm
a neighbor brought me food.
Sue brought me some Hot, freshly barbecued Chicken
fresh off her back porch grill.
I guess
the loose
was a bigger Deal than it seemed at the time.