Why Do We Send Out Flying Cow THANK YOU REWARDS

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You Know how Powerful Thank you notes are.


How Would You FEEL about Getting a FLYING COW Thank You
in the mail?

One of my VIP INNER CIRCLE Members
emailed me after Realizing where his
FLYING COW came from.


“Thanks Glenn, 

“I couldn’t figure out where the flying cow came from!

“(There wasn’t any identifying where it came from and my wife had ordered some items for nieces and nephews)

“Thanks so much Glenn, very funny item!


Why Do We Send Out Flying Cow THANK YOU REWARDS?


One Reason is The Golden Rule of Reciprocity.

Drake just referred us to the article
which we used to write up this WEIRD – Cremation Urn – Barter Story.


I – Below is a Link to the FLYING COW I send out…


III – The Cremation Urn Barter Story – Drake referred me to.

ONE – 



Cremation Urn In The
Mail w/Your Name
on it – Barter Strategy
Eliam Medina – The
 Co-Founder of “Willing”-
wanted to Be Chosen
to Attend “Y Combinator.”
A TOP Start-up Accelerator
So he Sent the 14 Partners
behind “Y-Combinator” a
Cremation Urn with their
name on it.
And a Version of his
Logo – “Make Something
People Want.”
Out of 5000 Applicants
Medina Got CHOSEN.
WEIRD but it Worked!
He Bartered a Few
Thousand dollars of
Burial Urns for a Shot
to Earn Millions.
Cool Website too.  It
walks you Step by Step
How to Create your own
Living Will – NO CHARGE.