What is NLP Good For? Barter #1

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As You Know –
I moved back to the farm and farmhouse.

HERE is What
NLP Rapport Is Good Fer…

Perhaps You recognize
this as Part of Your Barter PRE-HEAT Process?


I’ve Never – ever in 26 years of BARTER Study seen Anybody talk about the details
of what to do TO CREATE a Barter deal.

I – 68 yr old Sofia – While cutting grass along our mutual property line – I trimmed Weeds Around some of her Trees and Shrubs.


A – Sofia brings me a bottle of chilled water when she sees me out working.
B – Sofia begins to Mow – 8 feet of my lawn in addition to hers.  (Golf course Style vs Orchard Style)
C – Sofia tells me about the Time She Hit a Telephone pole with her Corvette and walked away without a scratch.

II – Rick Lives across the street.  I started leaving Garden Vegetables on his porch.

I – I notice when I am away for a couple days – Rick
picks up my newspapers and puts them on my porch.

III – Wilber and Brunhilda –

I Stopped Running – in front of their house.  Pant – Pant – Pant Described getting stung by Yellow Jackets.
Showed them the back of my RED – SWELLED UP hand.

I – Brunhilda tells me she belongs to the Hedgehog Breeders club.  Keeps 14 in her house as pets.

I looked them up.  Her Hedgehogs will fit in your hand.  Eat bugs and insects.    Roll into a ball with quills outward if threatened.

IV – MILT Has trees, shrubs, flowers All over his place – I Walk Over to Chat When he is out mowing.

I – Milt Tells me he Has a Pace Maker in his chest.
Had a heart attack a few years back shoveling snow.

II – Milt shares how his house was burgled.  So he bought a gun that shoots 3 inch bullets.

III – I Casually Mention that burning Leaves under his Trees Might kill them.

A – Milt THEN Tells Me A Cedar and a Maple Tree Have Already Died.

B – I see a Pile of Cut Logs.  Offer to Split the pile of 30 Maple Wood Rounds – He Hired a Contractor to Cut into
Fireplace length – Sledge Hammer and Wedges.  Divide the wood 50/50.  Give him the bigger pile without the knots.

C – I say, “When you call the Chain Saw Guy back to cut up your dead trees – If you pay him to cut up those two
huge oak trees that fell on Our Property – Right next to you – I’ll split them up.  And share the wood with you – 50/50.  Lots Cheaper than hauling in firewood.  It’s at least a 2 yr Supply for your wood-stove.”


Why did this barter deal get a “YES?”

#1 – I had a Positive Bank Account Balance with Milt – I’d shoveled 2 foot of snow off his driveway.

#2 – I’d already Explained how My Grand Father Taught me to use an ax, scythe, sledgehammer and wedges.

#3 – I’d cut up a small pile of wood – in a jiffy.  Hauled his 1/2 next to his porch.

#4 – Milt Was ALREADY paying the Chain Saw Guy to cut down HIS trees.  So a Couple more wouldn’t add that much
Expense.  And the Cheap Wood Will Partly pay for the entire job.


I hate health clubs and gyms.  Why pay to Run inside or lift weights when you can be outside?

AND it’s Great When Your “Health Club PAYS YOU to Exercise.”

MY HALF of the wood will be
At least 2 cords of wood = 1000.00