Using Barter to attend Local Trade Shows and Networking Biz Events

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Instead of Paying to attend Local Trade Shows
and Networking Biz Events – We use BARTER instead.

For Example:
If you pay 20.00 at the door AND wait in line.
AND pay more munny at each Trade Show Booth Sponsored by a local
Networking Business Referral Company.
You might get to talk to a staffer at a Trade Booth.
But only for 30 seconds – because there is a LINE behind you!
TALK DIRECTLY With the Biz Owner.
FREE LUNCH to boot.
Most weeks there are Trade Shows Going on in Most Cities and Towns.  With
over 400,000 Industries – meeting locally and nationally.
These events are Everywhere!
I – You Show up a couple HOURS EARLY.
II – Wear Expensive Work Shirt, jeans and Tennis Shoes.
III – Tuck a pair of Work Gloves under your arm.
IV – Drive up in an Expensive Truck or SUV.
And Offer to help the owners – who paid 5K++ each for a booth
at the Up-Coming Trade Show.
#1 – While Carrying Stuff across the parking lot.
#2 – While helping Sweaty folks Unload their Trade Booth Materials.
#3 – 100% of the time they will ASK, “Who are you?  And Why Are you Helping
We answer:  “My name is Glenn.  And I’ve been Interviewing self made
millionaires all over the world for a decade.  100’s of them.
“I’m here helping out.  Cuz I figured this was a Great way
to FIND OUT what You Folks do.
“I can Usually Share a few Proven/Tested million dollar ideas from Other
Successful business owners IN YOUR INDUSTRY – but from other Countries.
“If something CLICKS.  Great.  We can Talk.
“If not.
“You Get Some Great New Ideas.  Free Labor And ME?  Think of all the Health Club  Dues I Save.
and trudge back and forth
across the parking lot.
CAN I Tell You a SECRET?  Every single time we do this a Business Owner
INSISTS on buying us Lunch.