The Barter System From #1 Realtor in Five States

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I interviewed this guy who Claims to Be Outselling all other Realtors
anywhere near Colorado.
Is he Bragging?
You be the Judge.
1st – He sells a couple a multi-Million dollar home.
2nd – He calls up and Asks Permission to Visit Them
And Bring Food to Celebrate Their New DREAM HOME.
3rd – He Shows up with a NEW WEBER GRILL
and Steaks and All the Trimmings.  Their Favorite foods.  And Cooks them a meal.
4th – After He GIFTS them the New GRILL he asks, “Who do you know
who is Equal to or Better Than you are – who is a Prospect for me?
AND – asks them to go thru their Cell Phone Rolodex
to Trigger names – and get specific phone #’s.
He says he gets DOUBLE DIGITS – often SCORES of Referrals instead of 1 or 2.
And he calls the couple over
the next week to get Personal
Introductions to each of
their Referrals.