Teddy Bear Barter

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Dear Friend,
(EDITORS NOTE – While Bartering with Aussie Millionaires We Met — Peter.)
Peter was Thrown into PRISON for S-elling
millions and millions of dollars of Teddy Bears using BARTER ADS.
You have been Warned to Test Carefully
before you JUMP.
Peter Ran An Ad that pulled in so many Teddy Bear Buyers
he expanded from 1 store to TEN in 2 years.
Peter told me he needed a lot more Bears for Christmas.  So he got them made in China.
Loaded a ship and sailed it to Australia.
After a couple weeks Sitting in Port
Waiting for Customs to Release his Teddy Bears — Peter Got IMPATIENT.  Took bad advice, “Everybody does it.”
Bribed the Customs inspector.  And got locked up for 5 years.  Out in 3.
Peter Took a Job Bagging Groceries
when he got out of Prison.
Then the Store Manager took his 2 week Vacation.  Assistant Store Manager’s baby got sick.
And Peter (Who had been Planning and Plotting.) Increased Food Store Sales TEN TIMES in 2 weeks!
Have I Credentialed “PETER-the-WILD-MAN”
THE REST of THE TEDDY BEAR Story Goes like this:
I – Peter’s Teddy Bear Store was Going Bankrupt in only 3 days.
II – NOTHING to LOSE – So He Ran A Front Page Ad Giving Away 1 Teddy Bear Per Family.
Peter Bartered “Goods” a F-r-e-e Teddy Bear – for a “Service.”  Parents Came to his Store and Hauled Away Teddy Bears
He Couldn’t Sell.
This is the Part That SHOCKED and SURPRISED Peter
9 out of 10 Parents who came into his Bankrupt Store to Get a F_R_E_E Teddy Bear.
Also Bought 1 or 2 or 3 More!
Peter was Puzzled.
So he Asked, “I just gave you A Teddy Bear.  Why are you b-uying 2 more?”
PARENT ANSWER – “I’ve got 2, 3, 4 kids.  IF I brought ONE Teddy Bear home
There Would Be a WAR.”
SAME with the Food Store.  (Peter got both his former Bosses FIRED, by the way.)
Cheese Dept
Skin Care
Snack Dept
Pain Relief
Energy Drinks (We Did JV’s and Hooked Peter up with some of his Addictive Product Suppliers so we know a LOT about what he did.)
BARTER – Value for Value – F-r-e-e Goods (Cheese samples) in Return for your Time and OPINION
of What Kind of Cheese You LIKE BEST.
F_R_E_E CHEESE Sample Table – Your Choice of Cheese AT 50% OFF – One 8 oz package per family.
A – People flood in to try lots of F-r-e-e samples of Cheese
B – Dad or mom gets one small Cheese package – 50% off
C – But this is NOT ENOUGH for the whole family – so Parents B-U-Y 2 or 3 more at full P-RICE!