Salon to Detailing to Carwashing to Insurance BARTER

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How I Am Bartering with Tony in Canada
to Double His Insurance Sales – (And thus Persuade him to order more of my NLP Sales Systems)
Step I – I emailed Tony – Ron’s post
Step II – I called Tony to make sure he got it
Step III – I Walked Tony thru a couple of Scenarios…
I have a car wash client who goes to hi-end Restaurant owners
and offers to Wash Customer cars on Busy Friday, Sat, Sunday nights.
And Dan leaves 7 Coupons for a F-r-e-e Car Wash under each
Windshield wiper.  (Dan’s car wash clientele grows like crazy with this method)
I suggested to Tony
that he FIND Salon Owners ALREADY doing business
With lots of Nurses and Medical folks – who work ODD Shifts.
THEN FIND a Car Wash
Owner Already Doing some kind
Of F-r-e-e Car Wash Promotion.
And offer to SET Him up with Hi End Salons
In return for THEIR HELP Referring him to Nurses.
HECK – Tony should show up to meet Docs and Nurses
Himself.  It would be FUN to wash a few windows – then shed the cover-alls
to chat with the medical folks.
Play local car detailers off against each other
to find one willing to WASH CAR WINDOWS
F-r-e-e At Up-Scale-Salons.  (In order to get Medical detailing clients.)
Find ONE who will Play Ball
And set up a Referral Deal with him.
Tony and I have Already set up a system
where he offers Nurses what they WANT MOST.
A Job!
Tony compiles official job lists
and Gets New Job Postings
from  His Hospital – Inside contacts.
Offers this F-r-e-e to Nurses.
AND WHILE Chatting says, “Since you cannot get hired without
Insurance we also help with that too.”
The Car Wash AND the F-r-e-e Car Window
Cleaning JV Guys
A – Hand out Tony’s Cards which offer F-r-e-e Help
Finding Nursing Jobs
B – AND Refer Tony the business cards
of all the nurses they wash Cars or Windows for.
P.S. – This is  “Mastermind Barter”
Ron got an idea from my post,
Adapted it for himself and his detailing
We turned around and TWEAKED Ron’s idea
And Bartered it to Tony in Canada
to help him sell more insurance.
AND WHO do you think Tony will turn to for
More Consulting and To b-uy S-ales information from?
(It’s A fair to middlin’ shot that if we Dramatically raise Anthonys sales he will want more ideas.)