ODD Barter w/Bored Special Forces Soldier In Las Vegas

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We Got Referred to a Bored Special Forces
Soldier – just Retired from Jumping out
of planes all over the planet.
Sent him CHAPTER I of “Enchanted NLP V#1”
And Wally Said, “This is GREAT.  People Act WEIRD
when I ask them Any One of your 4 Questions.”
So I Challenged him a bit.
“Wally, You probably can’t Do This but Here’s how
I meet All the Waitresses AND the Manager of Restaurants
BEFORE I meet a Potential Client.”
“If you do it RIGHT.  You Can CONTROL the Restaurant
and Lead All the people there – Pied Piper Style.”
“Get 100.00 in One dollar bills.  Flirt Tip Every Waitress
who passes your Table with 1.00 Bills.
“Then Make Friends with the folks at a table near yours
and tell them you want to impress a client when they
arrive.  Hand a Volunteer at their table 10 – 1.00 bills.
And SAY, “Everytime I hand the waitress a 1.00 bill
YOU do it too, OK?”
“You Are Soon KING of The Restaurant.  Waitresses
and cooks Dancing around and giggling and Piling
food on your table.  AND the Prospect is Much
More likely to PAY You When he or she sees
you Leading 100’s of people.”
Wally said, “I’m going to TRY THAT with my Mother-in-Law
at the Table on my Wife’s Anniversary dinner.”
Wally Reported back, “Wow, everything worked Fantastic.
Even my Mother-in-Law was Impressed at the Service.
And finally SHUT UP.  The Joint was Jumping.
And when we left 7 waitresses
lined up at the door to Say Thank You.”
I asked, “Did you tip them all another dollar
on the way out?”
Laughter, “OF COURSE.”
Wally Then sent me 913.79 for the REST of the
“Enchanted NLP Invisible Persuasion-Program.