Neighborly Barter

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Thanks Gordon,
When I go to get my mail the Neighbors Dog
-across the street- often comes out to Bark at me.
She loves to have her neck scratched.
And that is how I met the neighbor who makes ME LOOK BAD
because he sweeps leaves and Dirt off his Driveway with a rake
and then a BROOM and DUSTPAN.
ME?  I Wait for Rain and wind to Scour the dirt
off of my Drive.
ONE DAY Last week –
Tom was Complaining about Tree Limbs Falling in his yard.
Showed me a Locust Limb a foot thick and 10 feet long
that he – at age 70 – couldn’t pick up.
I Asked His Permission.  Then went and got my ax.
Cut it into 4 pieces.
ASKED his permission to Take the logs away and Burn them
to heat my house.  (HA! Odd, but I am burning one of his Locust Chunks as I write this.)
This is so funny.
We spent MORE TIME Carrying the wood chips
That flew everywhere From my Ax-Work – on his manicured Lawn – off to a corner.  Than I did cutting up the Big Tree Branch.
Not kidding.
His lawn is like the green Felt on a Pool Table.
I BARTERED The Service of Cutting And Removing
an UGLY Tree Limb that Damaged the LOOK of his Pristine
WAIT for it…
You’ll NEVER Guess.
***Tom gave me a ONE HOUR Guided Tour of his Entire House.***
(EDITORS NOTE – Folks out here in the Country are very Stand-Offish.
So this is a Minor Miracle.)
Bedrooms, Bathrooms, His office, the wife’s office.
All his carpentry work and improvements and photos.  Added rooms.
Vaulted ceilings.  Fake fireplace.  And Tons of Photos.
***Tom used to Compete in SteepleChase Horse Races
across country – in 3 states.
***And often chased Foxes behind the hounds.
In MY OPINION it takes a Real WILD MAN
to run up to a 5 foot fence – on top of a Huge Horse
and JUMP it.
Over and over again.  Across rough country-side.
I didn’t KNOW this about him.
This has completely TRANSFORMED out Nodding
Only – Relationship.  To smiles, waves and Story Swapping.