More Real Barter Stories

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I’ve got this goofy friend in Philadelphia.
He’s a Head hunter for giant corporations.
He sent me a page full of silly links.
Link #1 – A CrowdFunding link by some Dutch artist who wants me
to send him munny for a solar Cell phone charger he and a partner have
His previous Kickstarter invention was a Solar Lite
that looks like a Sunflower.
Link #2 – Is this Artist Barter site.  Real Barter stories.
30 or 40 of them.
Apparently Andy Warhol – ran an ad in 1963 saying, “I will trade Art for Anything.”
One man called up.
Traded a Big Screen TV and a Vacuum Cleaner
for a Andy Warhol Painting.
Cool Barter story.
IF that man held onto his Andy Warhol Original Painting
HE GOT The Best of the Barter Deal.
By far.
P.S. – Here is the site with 30 more odd – Artist based Barter stories.