Medical Testing Barter-487,000.00

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Is The Promise of Getting 50,000.00 of F-r-e-e
Software Barter?
What do YOU Think?
Mike was part owner of a Medical Testing Business.
And he spent 50Grand to develop Special Software
that Doctors can use to Cut LABOR COSTS in their practice.
Mike Couldn’t Figure Out How to SELL It, however.
So he gave it away in this PostCard offer.
I’m Writing From Memory here but
the Headline and offer on the postcard
read something like THIS –
You Can Get $50,000 of
Medical Software for FREE
To Cut Labor Costs in
Your Practice When you
Switch Your Medical Testing
Biz to XYZ MedCorp.
Call Ph#
And Please Remember that All of Mikes
Medical Testing Competitors were
multi-billion behemoths.
What IS Medical testing?
When you go to the DOC he or she
May take blood or urine or stool
Samples and send it to the lab
to find out what Is WRONG with you.
There you have it.
For 2 Weeks Mike Got Phone Calls
from Doctor Practice Owners who
Switched a total of 487,000.00 of
Medical Testing Business over to Mike
Over a two week Period.
In Return for a Floppy Disk!
Mike’s Partners At The LAB
BEGGED him not to mail the
PostCard Any More.
They Couldn’t Keep up with
the Sudden Influx of Business.
So Mike Sold his interest in the
Business While it was At it’s
Highest Value.
Started something New.