Man Barters Hand Lettering for Free Meals All Over NY

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We found a very interesting story of a guy who offers hand lettering of signs for restaurants, in exchange for free meals in many different restaurants in New York.

We’re not talking about him using his services for a sandwich either. The restaurants he hand letters at give him full meals, including drinks, and desserts. If you look at some of his photos on the site, he’s getting hundreds of dollars in meals, drinks, and desserts. He even mentions that sometimes he has to take some leftovers home, because they give him so much food for free.

We’ve posted a screenshot below on how his process works, and if you go to his main site, he has all sorts of photos and reviews of restaurants he’s eaten at for free.

This is a very creative way to offer your services using barter. Thing is, he has his choice of thousands of restaurants all over New York. If you’ve ever been to New York, you know it’s very expensive to eat around, so he gets a huge benefit out of bartering. Plus, he’ll never run our of restaurants, because he probably goes back to those businesses when he wants some more of the type of food they have. Brilliant!

Think about what you’re good at and maybe you can come up with a similar way to barter your services for free stuff also. It doesn’t have to be food, it can be anything.

Check out the photo below and look for the link to his site under that.

Will Letter For Lunch Barter Image

And here’s the link for his site-