Lemonade Flower Barter w/FBI Agent

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An FBI Agent called me up.
We discussed his Hydroponics hobby of growing flowers
in his extra bedroom without DIRT.
Then He said, “The Reason I called is I need some help for my Daughter.  Tiffany is not doing well at her Lemonade Stand.”
First – Lemme send you a Report I wrote about CRASHING Your Silverware
to get your Waitress to LITERALLY Run over to your Table at Restaurants.
Tim says, “Ok, got it.”
Tim – “But what does THIS have to do with selling more Lemonade?
Me – “Hang on.  I’m going to adapt the idea for you and Tiffany.”
I – Go to the 1.00 Store and get a few of those bouquets of 20 plastic flowers for 1.00 each
II – Then when you see a car coming toward you – down the street.
Wave and POINT AT the driver with your entire ARM.
The Driver will STOP.
III – SMILE – and Hold up the Bouquet of Flowers.
IV – Walk over to them in the Street – HAND THEM ONE Plastic Flower thru the car window.
They will be CONFUSED.
V – You say, “1.00 for a Glass of Lemonade – You Look Thirsty.”
VI – Then shut up while they reach for their Wallet and hand you a 1.00
VII – Tiffany has to be ready with the cup of lemonade.
FBI Agent says, “Wait a minute.  Isn’t this what the Hari Krishna used to do at airports?”
Me – “YES.  But I’ve combined Several strategies into ONE.  The Free Flower idea is only banned at airports.
“The Hari Krishna made hundreds of millions a year with it.  It’s not illegal and nobody has said you can’t use it to sell Lemonade.”
QUESTION – “Do I have to stand Next to the Lemonade Stand to make this work?
ANSWER – “Only for the 1st day.  After that Tiffany can Flag Down Cars herself.
Stan sounded Doubtful.
I said, “I bet you ten Bucks it’ll work.  Works for me.”
RESULT #1 – FBI Agent Stan reported, “Tiff is selling So much Lemonade her mom has to make more every couple Hours on weekends.”
RESULT #2 – Stan Reported, “A couple neighbors complained they have bought Lemonade 5 or 6 times.  So Tiffany has moved her stand down to the intersection.”
RESULT #3 – Stan Got Curious about Why His Daughter was suddenly selling 5 to 10X more Lemonade so he bought –
“Bartenders Guide on How to Make Women JUMP V#1”
“Bartenders Guide on How to Make People JUMP HIGHER V#2”