Lawn Mower Barter

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This will make you SMILE.
Comes a knock on the Door 5pm Saturday.
A neighbor tells me, “My riding mower is STUCK in the garage.”
I said, “WHAT?”
Bill LOOKS EMBARRASSED as he tells me his sad tale.
I – His car battery died.
II – The Battery Warehouse is closed on Sunday
III – He backed his station wagon up too close to the garage.
IV – Not enough room to get his Riding Lawn Mower out
V – Bill and his wife can’t push the car out of the way – WILL I HELP?
I said, “Ok.  But in MY EXPERIENCE Murphy’s Law Disasters Always come
in Threes.  So We Need A PLAN B.”
Murphy ONE – Car Battery dies
Murphy TWO – Your Riding mower won’t fit between garage from and car bumper
Murphy THREE – Might be that ALL 3 of us can’t move the car.
Long Story Short.
As I guessed.  Bill was trying to push several tons of car Up an incline.
And all 3 of us COULD NOT MOVE it.
But the Inch and a half 6 foot long – Steel Crow Bar
I brought along – WORKED.
Bill and I Used the CrowBar as Leverage on the back bumper.
While Rachel shoved the Tire Chock forward as we inched the car forward.
We gained ground 2 inches at a time.
What is “Barter Reciprocity?”
Often when you do something for others.
They show up and do something For You In Return.
In this case Bill showed up while I was Moving Chunks
of wood from the truck to the porch.
And the unloading went VERY FAST
with his help.  Specially since this was my 2nd load.
So We Bartered (1) My help moving his car twenty-four inches
(2) 45 Minutes of Bills help unloading wood.
If Barter is “Trading Value for Value.”
We’re there.