Jiffy Print Grows 8X w/Pizza Barter

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I got to talking to a skinny young guy
working behind the scenes at a 25,000.00 Marketing Seminar.
He was working as a TEMP.
I kept in touch.
Last time we spoke he had taken over his Dad’s
Jiffy Print store in down-town L.A.
Steve Noticed that many hi-rise office lights were on
Late at night.
He swapped F-r-e-e Printing work with the owner of a nearby – and
BUSY – 24 Hr Pizza Delivery Store.
What did Steve Barter for?
For the Pizza store to put his Jiffy Print Flyer in on top of each pizza
during the entire time he was doing F-r-e-e Print work.
He got so much AFTER HOURS Work
from Corporate Teams working late
to make deadlines — Steve had to put on a night shift.
And told me – that SO FAR –
His Gross Sales had grown 800%
over what it was when he took over.
A – The Pizza store Did NOTHING but toss a page in on top
of each pizza.
B – Steve Already had employees and equipment
and lots of spare time – So his real costs were negligible.