Iraq War Dog

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Randy told me the story of how he became the owner of a Iraq War Dog
named “Sister.”
On his 2nd tour as a soldier in Iraq Randy was about to go home
when his unit commander came over to him.
Said, “If you don’t take “Sister” home with you we’ll have to shoot her.
She doesn’t take orders from anybody but you.”
Randy argued, “What am I going to do with a 250 pound monster dog
at my house in Houston, TX?”
Commander – “You’ll Figure it out.”  And walked away.
PROBLEM #1 – Sister is Trained to Drag injured soldiers out of danger.  Ignores
bullets and only takes orders from ONE MAN.  So she can’t fly in the passenger
area of an airplane.  She could bite someones arm off – Guarding Randy.
So Randy spends 20 hours strapped to the wall of a Giant Cargo Plane
with Sister’s head in his lap for Warmth.
Randy told me his butt froze solid on the metal of the plane floor.
I asked, “Just How big is Sister?”
Randy – “Let’s just say I can put my entire head in her mouth with room
left over.”
PROBLEM #2 – Sister Is solid muscle but is too heavy for the 112 degree heat
of Houston, TX – so she stays inside the Air conditioned house most of the time.
Randy is trying to figure out how to get Sister to lose wgt.
PROBLEM #3 – Sister is more like a Horse than a dog.  And when she runs
at night -when it’s cooler- the bullets and shrapnel inside her body –
work their way to the surface of her skin.
Randy gives the command NOT TO MOVE.  And slices her skin to remove
the metal paining her.
But there are lots more pieces of metal inside her.  So Sister
is often in pain.
PROBLEM #4 – Sister has been Trained not to eat anything except at a certain
time of the day and from her own special Bowl.  Several Pounds of Raw Steak.
So Randy can’t figure out how to get Vitamins into her.
STRATEGY I – We Surveyed our Mastermind Group.  Found a guy who knew
that when you stick a Big Glob of Peanut Butter with Vitamin Capsules
stuck inside BEHIND a Dogs Front TEETH- the dog will lick and lick at it until
the peanut butter is gone AND swallow the vitamins – all at the same time.
SUCCESS STORY II – We sent 240.00 of SUPER Blue Green Algae capsules
to Randy – Explaining how to Feed Them inside Peanut Butter to SISTER.
And not only did she begin to heal faster – from all the bullet wounds.  But
the stray chunks of bullets were quickly forced out of her body – so she was
not in constant pain.
SIDE EFFECT III – Randy discovered that by Feeding Sister Lots of Algae
In Peanut Butter – She Felt so good she began to run around more.  And
began to lose weight.  So she didn’t suffer so much in the heat.
They only went out at night – so as not to SCARE the neighbors.
A few weeks after we helped Randy Heal His Friend Sister
we got a big box in the mail.
When I opened it up there was a NEW 27 inch Screen – 2100.00 IMac
Apple Computer inside.
And Randy had loaded it with software AND called to walk me thru
the set up process.