I Got Wood Shelves on Craigslist for My Junk Aluminum

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So, I have a pool with an aluminum enclosure. At least I DID.

A few summers ago, the screens were getting a little stretched in a few areas. This was due to having a lot of trees above the pool, and leaves getting trapped on the screens.  Since I live in Florida, I mainly have Oak and Pine trees. They drop a TON of leaves, as they are BIG trees.

If you’ve ever had Pine needles near a pool enclosure, you know it’s almost impossible to clean them after the needles get stuck. They drop straight down, and the needle part goes right through screens perfectly, leaving the needles point downward.

So, I decided (stupidly), that I would put a tarp over the screens, and decide what to do about the leaves filling up the screens, in the meantime. Well, that lasted 1 day total.

The next afternoon, we had a heavy rain shower for just 20 minutes, filling the tarp up and causing the enclosure to fall into the pool. This was a massive tarp, 30X40 feet, so you can imagine how much water can be collected in a 20 minute rain shower. The enclosure was now a twisted and bent mess of aluminum beams, screens, and screws sticking out.

After cutting the broken parts down and removing the rest from the pool, I saw someone advertising some shelving from a department store closure on Craigslist, for $1 per piece. These were very nice pine shelving pieces, 4 foot long and 18 inch wide, and also 3 foot long and 12 inch wide, with metal edging. Obviously higher end shelves. I later saw those shelves in Bealls department stores.

They people were also advertising junk removal. Know what I was thinking?

We made a deal that I would trade them shelving, for aluminum removal. For me, the deal made sense, since I asked them to bring 50 pieces of the 4 footers, and 25 pieces of the 3 footers. That was $75 dollars worth of shelves, and they would take away more than that in aluminum. I would have paid more in cash for the shelving, but since they offered them..

The enclosure scrap was junk to me. Something I had to spend time and effort to dispose of. I might as well have gotten something out of it that I wanted, which I did.

I threw in some sliding glass doors I was replacing, to sweeten the deal for them. They were also made of aluminum, so they had some more scrap to recycle.

I’ve called them back several times for junk removal, after that first encounter. They’re happy to come by, as I gave them a good deal in the beginning, as they did me.