How We Swapped A Test Video for A Free Trip To Arkansas

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I met this Cambodian Multi-Millionaire named Sok.

Sok Barters for Everything.

He said, “If You Appear as my Talking Head Spokes Person in a video on How to
Make Jewelry from home – that I am Shooting – I’ll Drive You to the Up-Coming Bill Meyers Seminar in Hot Springs, Arkansas.”

I said, “You Mr Tightwad are going to drive from PA to MD and pay for
the gas to get us to Arkansas and back. I’ve gotta SEE this – so my answer is Yes.”

The video was fun.

I learned how to make Jewelry.

The trip – was CRAZY.

Sok owns 23 houses but he dresses like a bum. Torn T-shirt, cut off shorts
and flip flops. He Enjoys knowing he can buy any Restaurant we stop at
that won’t let him eat there – cuz he looks so bad.

And he snores.

I put a pillow over my head.

And since he spent Some time in New York City – Sok drives like a NYC cabbie.

Things weren’t too bad at first.

But when he started driving up behind pickup truck drivers with GunRacks
and Honking his horn.

I insisted on driving the rest of the way.

That was his plan – all along – I suspect.


Sok bought his Mercedes because his next door neighbor got one
and BRAGGED about it.

THEN when it came time to CHANGE the oil and the Dealership
charged 200.00 an hour for labor – Sok couldn’t stand it.

So he took the Mercedes Mechanics Course.

Nice to know whatever happens Sok can fix it.