How We Bartered Proven Ideas to Get Paid By a Window Installer

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A few questions Uncovered One Fact.
Two actually.
I – The man is spending Lots of munny on Yellow Page
ads and other marketing he does not track or measure.
II – Most of this man’s business is coming from a Sandwich Board sign
sitting in front of his store on a busy sidewalk.
So We Bartered ideas
To Persuade him to Shift That YP munny to us.
I – IF You Will Agree to Track the # of Folks who come into your Window
showroom – each day – week.  Just PUT a Blank page by the phone – so a staffer
can write it down – then.
NO CHARGE – I’ll tell you how Changing What Your Employees Wear
will boost sales by 20% – Proven in 3700 retail stores.
II – IF you have your 6 employees ASK callers,
“How did you hear about us?” – and write down the answers.
NO CHARGE – We’ll share an idea from a 23 million mentor – Who Set Up
a Way to get Prospects to Call him On his cell phone – IN HIS CAR.
III – IF My Guess Is Correct and You Find Out Almost NONE of your customers
come off of your Yellow Page ads…
Would You Use the Yellow Page Munny to Hire me to Create A
Website that Gets You New Customer Leads…?
IV – IF You Measure and Track the # of Prospects who come in because
of the Sandwich Board sign AND the %age who buy…
We will Show you how the F-r-e-e Report for the Website
ALSO Guarantees the Prospects Who Come In Cuz of the Sign
outside that you give Price Quotes to…
Almost NEVER Buy
from a cheaper
IN FACT – I guarantee you can hand the prospect the phone.  And a list
of Cheaper competitors to call.  And they will STILL Hire you.
IV – As Your Marketing Consultant – We Might Show you a proven system
(Which has doubled the In-comes of Window Installers, Plumbers and other
Home Related Contractors) that You can use While Ski-ing at the nearby
Resort – to get Total Strangers
to come up to you and PAY YOU for New Insulated Windows this winter.
V – As Your Consultant – We Can Adapt an idea used by an Aussie
truck driver – who uses his pick-up to move a Sandwich board sign
from Retail store to retail store.  Guaranteed to Beat what you do now.
VI – As Your consultant – We’d like to Share a 2 b-illion d-ollar Referral idea
to Ethically Blackmail Your Top Suppliers into REFERRING you Clients Equal to or Better than your top 3 clients.
Before We Continue.
A Question to Help us FOCUS on which ideas
You LIKE BEST and Want to Take Action on…
Will You Please Rank the above ideas in The Order in
Which You want Us to Apply and Adapt them for you?