How We Bartered FREE LAP Dances for a 900.00 Sale

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Because Nobody would Test Sales ideas from our
Billionaire watching club – on their Clients and Prospects…
We FLIRT Test new ideas.
FLIRTING – Everybody loves to do.
This leads to Funny Situations like Steve Calling me up from
a Texas Strip Club.
“I like this lap dancer and want some F-r-e-e Lap Dances
in the back room but don’t wanna pay.”
We told Steve, “Try This.”
“While she is Lap Dancing for you ASK Her this Question then
WATCH her Face and Hands for a BIG Body Signal Shift.
“ASK – “What do you REALLY, REALLY LOVE MOST about Flirting Munny
Out of Men?”
“WATCH – “Any big Head Tilt, hands to face – Body Signal SHIFT.
“IMITATE that – “Put Your Head and Hands in that Same Position.  This is
her Body Signal for What she LUVS Most about taking your munny away.”
So You Can PAY HER with “Munny Energy”
instead of actual Moolah.
Steve called me back all excited.
“Wow, that was Fantastic.  “Jewel gave me 3 F-r-e-e Private Lap Dances
in the back room.”
QUESTION – “I want to learn MORE about that.  What do I buy?”
ANSWER – “Well, as long as you let me Customize & walk you thru it by phone.
You should Order our 6 hr LIVE mp3 Product,
“How to Make Women’s SKIN BUZZ”
That Question we taught you Allows You to Talk DIRECTLY to men or women’s
Unconscious minds.
I – You ask a Question.
II – You Create Energy Inside their minds
III – You Create a New Body Signal – so you KNOW what it means
when you MIRROR it back to their Unconscious mind.
IV – “SKIN BUZZ…” is 6 phone interviews where We Create THEN Move
Chi Energy all over the body “LIVE” – we Adapted a 5000 year old
Ancient Chinese Discovery – that says we STORE Emotion Energy in our Skin.
“You Then Boost it 100 times.  Make that Energy buzz or tickle or Get Hot or Cold
on the skin – THEN MOVE That Energy Buzz Around the body.
Needless to say Steve Bought “SKIN BUZZ”
for 900 bucks.