How We Bartered A Book To Get a New MLM Client

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Charles and I were talking back and forth

via email and he mentioned he wanted

to lose more weight.


We sent him a F-r-e-e Copy of a book

I wrote with my 20 mil Natural Energy

Mentor Barb.

Charles asked some Questions.  And I told him, 

“ This Super Spinach stuff is my secret to never

getting sick in 26 years and Staying skinny is 

a side benefit.”

Charles went ahead and Ordered two bottles

for himself and his wife as an Associate.

And I taught Him My ShortCut For Quick

Extra Energy using the Algae.

After 2 weeks I got this Note from Charles in

my E-mail…



Hi Glenn 

These are my before/after pictures as far as the weight loss…

Do you have any tested headlines for weight loss – now that we’re on the algae losing this weight would have been so much easier!

We are not as hungry and even went out exercising last night when we’re normally couch potatoes because we’re tired.

My wife even ASKS to take this stuff… A first because she is feeling the difference!