How We Barter an Old Shoe to Get Appointments w/ Millionaires

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Question:  Would You Barter ONE SHOE to Bypass The Receptionists, Secretary
And Wife GateKeepers to Get an Appointment with a Millionaire Biz Owner?
In Fact we do it all the time.
Barter Recipe
Ingredients & Directions
I – One Old Shoe OR a New Shoe (contact local shoe stores for 1 odd junk shoe lying around)
II – A shoe Box
III – Duct Tape – any color
IV – Old Newspapers balled up
V – One Page Letter Which Says Something like this –
I – You Call Cindy to Get the Correct Address and “How Do you spell YOUR Name and the BOSS Name?”
II – You Type up the Thank You Foot-In-Door Letter
III – You Refer to their co Website to Find out what they do Marketing-wise Already
IV – THEN you List 10 or 20 7 Figure Headlines LIKE WHAT the owner Does now.
V – STUFF Your Letter Inside the Shoe.  Maybe Tape it there, Duct Tape,
Stuff Paper around the shoe and Address and PRIORITY MAIL the Box (Tracking #)
VI – You Track the UGLY Duct Tape Covered Shoe Box and when You see it was Delivered You CALL to Check It Arrived ok.
EXPECT Cindy to LAUGH when you call.
EXPECT Cindy to GUSH and Thank you for the Jewelry You sent her.
EXPECT Cindy to Hand the phone to the OWNER
IF You Did Your MIND-READING of his
website Correctly and Matched Ideas to What He is Already doing.  He is Smiling AND BURNING with Curiosity and READY to Talk.
THE LETTER Stuffed Inside the Shoe Says
Some version of the following –
“Thanks for Letting Me Get My Foot in The Door Jerry,
As You Can See, Cuz You Opened my shoe box
I Might….
An Important Word, “Might”.
Have my foot in your door IF…
“IF” another Important word.
(IF) You LIKE one or more of the Million dollar
Headlines on the Back of this
*Foot-in-the-door* note to you.
Glenn Osborn
P.S. – Expect a Phone Call from me Shortly – to
Find out Which of the 20 million dollars of ideas
from Entrepreneurs like yourself – around the world…
In Your Industry – You want to Find Out More About.
P.P.S. – Check Under The Note INSIDE THE SHOE
for a BAG Containing a Gold Bracelet I sent As a THANK YOU
for your Charming Receptionist Cindy.
She was Very nice to me on the phone.
P.S. – A Client in Austria has found an Actual FOOT for only 5 Bucks that you can
send to Prospects.  So you can REALLY get your foot in the door. sells the same plastic foot for 9.00
So the 5.00 foot plus F-r-e-e S & H from China is a Great Deal!