How We Barter a Chi Energy Thermostat for a 913.89 Purchase

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I kinda – sorta – Invented
a way to Consciously
RAISE your Energy
200% OR 10,000%
Any Time You Need to.
Falling asleep in class?
Drowsy while driving?
Half Dead on Your
feet at work?
IF You Pass Our
Golden Rule Test
We Teach You
How to Raise your
Energy 100X in
30 Seconds.
What is the Bottom
Line Benefit?
One guy was making
80K Delivering
Newspapers in
We Showed him how to
Raise his Energy
thru the roof.
Soon he called to say,
I am making 218K
delivering newspapers
Thanks to your *Energy
Kent Might have over-done
it just a bit.
He started working 24 Hrs
Straight 2 or 3 Days a
week – delivering
Newspapers for 3
Different companies.
When I called him at 3am
In December you could
Hear the Wind Howling
thru both open windows
as he drives thru snow-
storms Delivering papers.
Ken Has Since Gotten
Married and Bought
a house by a lake.
So he has cut back on
his hours a Lot.
Happy Ending
but I don’t Suggest
You OVER-DO it
like Kent did.
Even tho Kent has
ordered 5000.00
of my 1-of-a-kind Stuff
he had me worried.
Usually After
then Create a Chi
Energy Thermostat
for a New Prospect
they ask, “What do I
Buy to learn how to DO
And that mp3 Product is
only 913.89 bucks.