How to Barter w/A Billionaire

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I’m getting this BARTER story second hand.
And don’t want to ruffle any feathers.
So I’ll change all names and locations.
What is IMPORTANT is the Barter concept
behind this success story.
We’ve done similar things with clients to Attract SUPER STARS and Super
Affluent Folks to Seminars…
And Watched Mentors do it.
Feature a Billionaire in order to fill seats.
You CANNOT P-A-Y a Self made Billionaire to show up at your Program.
Who could Afford to do that
anyway?  And what would you say, “Mr Billionaire I’ll pay you 10 million to attend
my up-coming seminar and speak.”
No seminar is going to PAY you enough to be able to AFFORD that.
You BARTER for their Presence.
I – The Super Affluent all have a Favorite Charity they raise funds for.
So IF your Event Donates a %age of Back of room sales
or Total Funds Raised to Mr Billionaires Charity – He Will Often Show Up.
I’ve watched this done at Events
we’ve attended.
II – Just Suppose you can fill a room with young Affluent Entrepreneurs
who would benefit from The Advice from Mr Billionaire – That Sometimes Works
to get the VIP to Attend – in my Experience.
We got an Hour on the phone with Two Different self made
billionaires using this form of Barter.
III – It’s Very Flattering (Because few do it) to any Self Made Super Rich person
 if you study their many businesses and investments.  Then Show Links to
fast rising small businesses and their owners – who will be at your event.
A – Mr Billionaire will WANT to meet New Kids who may Challenge or Change
the Industry he is investing in.
B – Mr Billionaire May want to Joint Venture or invest in rapidly rising
New Biz.
C – Mr Billionaire WILL ENJOY talking to lots of young folks who SPEAK the
same “ANYTHING-is-Possible-Lingo” he does.  (After fighting with attorneys and
red tape and bureaucrats all day.)
But here’s what We Think Ben Did and said…To Get A Self Made Billionaire Guest
to show up at his Mastermind Event.
We think Ben said, “I’ve got 81 Self made millionaires showing up at my big
Mastermind Referral Event.  I’d Luv to Pay Your Airfare, Hotel suite costs and Show You dr to dr VIP LIMO Service and personally introduce you to the Young Turks who are Driving Growth in Your areas of investment interest.”
Why do we know a BIG PART of what Ben BARTERED
to Get Mr Billionaire to attend?
Because the #1 WORRY that keeps The Affluent Awake at night
is the FEAR that they will be hit Unaware by a NEW PARADIGM Shift in
their industry.
SMASHED FLAT as a Pancake.
You say Self Made Billionaires are SAFE from this?
Richard Branson had a world-wide chain of Virgin Music Stores Valued at over a
B-illion d-ollars that were BANKRUPTED literally in a few months — when Steve Jobs opened his On-Line Music App Store.