How to Barter to Get a “Yes”

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Thru a chain of 4 People we just got Referred to a Branded Water Agent
or Sales person.
We Bartered a Series of Quick Cash Short Reports
to 10 people at a Mastermind Group.
Jason is one of those 10.
He came up to my Partner WEARING a Dark Blue Shirt.
And told Jane – “I love your Reports and Am WEARING the Hypno Shirt.”
(Actually I don’t think Jason KNOWS that dark blue has a Hypnotic
***I Called him back – VM was full.
***So I emailed him to TELL him his VoiceMail is full.
***And I sent him this idea on how to BARTER F-r-e-e Bottles
Of LUV & ABUNDANCE – Water – in return for.
A – Appointments
B – More time with prospects
C – Deeper Rapport
D – And More water sales
THUMBNAIL VERSION of the Barter Idea –
IF Words Like “LOVE and “Abundance” changes water Crystals to Diamond
shapes – and Words like HATE or Evil – form Rotten Crystals.
OR Grow Plants Twice as Big and Tall.
========(Start 50% in at 2 minute Mark)
Then I want to DRINK the DIAMOND Crystal Water!
I’ve been doing that for a decade.
GREAT TASTING WATER.  (And Vital to my Health Cuz our WELL WATER is polluted with Pesticide.  And I distill all my drinking water.)
My BARTER Idea for Jason.
A – In local meetings with affluent folks Jason should GIFT them a chilled bottle
Of LOVE & ABUNDANCE Water – and Normal water.  Do a Taste Test.
B – I CAN tell the difference.
A Blindfolded Test at lunch might be fun.
C – BARTER Joint Venture Idea – Barter F-r-e-e WAter and Videos
next to the Refrigerator – at Hi-End Open Houses.
I Linked Jason with an Artist/Musician who PRE-Heats
and Polishes Houses So they SELL for more.
Bored Home owners will NOT Have Drunk
Water that Attracts LOVE.
Water that Attracts MUNNY and ABUNDANCE.
What did I Barter all of these Ideas for?
Jason’s Permission to STAY on the our list
to get MORE Extra Cash ideas.