How to BARTER to Get a CEO Appointment

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Thanks Gordon,

Clients pay me to Hook them up with CEO’s of Big Companies.
People they cannot get in to see themselves.
We Use Multiple Hook-Ups to make that appointment.
1st – We find The Biggest Local Newspaper in the City The CEO’s
Headquarters is in.
Call up and get the Name of a “Stringer.”  A stringer is a part time writer who sells articles to Newspapers and on-line blogs.
2nd – We contact the Sales Dept of the top 2 Trade Magazines in the CEO’s Industry.
Ask for a junior Editor or Stringer.
IMPORTANT – The Stringers Have The TRUST of the Editors.  And I can Reach them
easily with one phone call.
3rd – We Explain we have an Interview with the CEO of a Billion dollar company coming up.
And We Get THEIR Help writing the Questions they want answered in the Article OR Articles
they will Write Based on my Audiotape of the interview.
Each Stringer will SELL His or her Article to their Editors.
That is how THEY Get Paid.  And why they are EAGER to help me.
4th – We call the CEO’s Secretary And the PR Department.  Find out The CEO’s Favorite Charity.
Then call the Charity.  Explain we are Interviewing One of their Big Fundraisers.  And Ask
for the Website and Links and 800# to put into the article so people who read The Newspapers,
Blogs and Trade Magazines can send munny.
Here’s What We Say to The CEO’s Executive Assistant to Get the Interview with her Boss.
“Hi, We Read The CEO’s message to his stock holders.  And noticed that one of his
Major Priorities is to Share The companies SHIFT Away from Polluting Products and Towards Green and Clean Products and methods –  with customers.
James Smith – The Editor of ABC Trade Magazine #1 – Has Green Lighted one or more articles based on our Interview with Your Boss.
Tim Brown – The Editor of XYZ Trade Magazine #2 – Is Accepted An article too.  And sent some
questions to ask The CEO.
Jessica Gray – One Editor of The Chicago Tribune – Has OK’d an Article in their Newspaper too.
Plus the Staff Writers for all 3 of the Above Papers ALSO write for dozens of Blogs in
Your Industry.
Finally – The President of The Chicago March of Dimes Charity – Which we know is your
CEO’s Favorite Charity has set up a Special 800# and Website to include in each article
so readers can Donate.
MAY I SEND You The List of Questions Each
EDITOR Wants us to Ask – so we can Weed Out Any Problems
before the Interview?
We Get Paid Thousands to make these appointments.  AND Since MY CLIENT is on The Conference Call when we CHAT with the CEO – they get to meet and Get to know each other
and AGREE to Talk again.
Our clients Ask us to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements.
Here is an Example with no non-disclosure involved.
We CAN Share how a “Hook-Up Connection” We made with a University where a CEO Construction company owner went to school — helped Close a Contract for a Consultant friend.
Andrea called.
She said, “I can close a big Consulting Client if I can Solve a Problem for him.  He can’t get in to see the CEO of XYZ Corp.  If I can get him an appointment I’m hired.”
Thinking Fast I asked, “Do you know where the CEO went to College?
No she didn’t.
So we sent Andrea to the CEO’s office as a spy.  Her Reason Why for being there was to
ask for a Industry Trade Magazine her nephew could use for a class Report.
Andrea Glanced into the CEO’s office.
I – Found out he went to Stanford
II – He plays golf
III – His Favorite Charity is St Jude Childrens hospital in Tennessee
NEXT we called Stanford.
Asked for the Library.
Instead was Mistakenly transferred to the Administration Building.
Explained to the long time Secretary that I was Calling
about Edward Bart.  (Name changed)
And she started LAUGHING.
“How Is Edward?  He was Always in Trouble Here.”  She went on and on about
his hi-jinx.
Then referred me to the Librarian who looked up fellow classmates
in his Class Yearbook for me.
When NAME DROPPED on the CEO’s
Exec Assistants Voice Mail, Fax and Email this PERSONAL Info opened the door.
Andrea Reported, “SUCCESS.”
Glenn Osborn
Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association