How to Barter For An Appointment w/a Millionaire

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Thanks Jean,

BEFORE Step I – I Pre-heat or Credential myself.
A – I might send a book w/50 million of 1-of-a-kind Referral Systems
found nowhere else.
(Link to 2 different e-books with 101 different 7 figure 1-of-a-kind Referral Systems)
B – I might send them to www.BannedBarter
C – I Might Share a Mp3 Link to an interview where we DOUBLED a coaching clients
income with ONE GREED PAGE.
D – I might send them a link to an Interview we did where We DID find
20X more munny for a Oriental Carpet factory owner/consultant

Step I – We challenge folks to Successfully give away a Instant Scratch off LOTTO ticket.
And truthfully share that only 1 in 20 of new Ezine Subscribers Can PASS THE TEST.
And send them to ________________
to see what 100 other VIP INNER CIRCLE Members have done.
IF YOU QUALIFY – (By emailing me your LOTTO ticket tip results)
STEP II – I ASK Your Permission to ASK a few Questions.
a – What is your FAVORITE communication style?
In Person
(Helpful cuz if I send you a 2 b-illion dr to dr system
case study and You HATE face to face s-elling – you will HATE  Face to face ideas I send you.)
b – What do you ENJOY about the idea of Growing some part of your In-come by
c – What do you DISLIKE MOST about your current Situation?
d – WAKE UP X-RAY QUESTION – You don’t HAVE to tell me BUT If Wealth is measured in the # of days, weeks, months, years you can go without working – How R*i*C*H are you?
E – IF You had a MAGIC WAND and Could Grow Your Biz by 20X
in the next Year…What would you DO NEXT?
STEP III – From this I create a MUNNY MIND MAP for that person.
And write an outline of ideas YOU will LUV LUV LUV taken from my archive
of info from interviewing 100’s of self made m-illionaires around the world.
AND we do a Recorded Conference Call
which we share a copy of.
And perhaps we figure out which IDEA or Ideas you LIKE BEST
and what part of your biz can Grow FASTEST without damage.