How Susanne Trades Lasagne for Production Company Contracts

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Thanks Dien,
A PR Company Owner/Client Told me how she gets her biggest jobs
From The Production Companies behind NYCity Broadway Shows.
I – Susanne Spots a new Show in Production and finds their offices.
II – She knows the whole team work long hours.
III – Susanne arranges with a local Restaurant Chef to make a huge tin
of her mothers Recipe for Lasagna.
IV – Suse puts on a Delivery outfit and Hand Delivers The Big Box
of Fresh Warm Lasagna herself.
V – Inside The Big Box – Paper Plates, plastic knives, forks, spoons, Napkins.
VI – And a Note on Top.
“Dear Broadway Co Owner,
“Enjoy my Mom’s Home Cooked Lasagna – on me.
I know you are working late to get ready for the New Show OPENING.  So
this meal will save you wasted time – hunting for food.
“Expect a call from me tomorrow.  Because this is just a small
sample of the kinds of things I can do for you – PR – wise.
She says she closes 80% of those she sends Her LASAGNA SURPRISE to.
In effect.
Susanne is Bartering Lasagna for an Appointment.
And time to Talk.
And Begins That Relationship in a POSITIVE BANK ACCOUNT
She Fed The Biz owner.  HELPED him or her during a TIME CRUNCH.
They OWE her.