How Randy Breaks Suit Sales Record at Saks Using Barter

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My friend Randy took psychology in College
and it shows.

After 2 Tours in Iraq Randy needed a Job.

He walked into Saks and told the Personnel
Director he had “Experience” in Selling mens
Suits – in Europe.

And Explained he needed a job after
Serving in Iraq.

She said, “Ok, We’ll give you a try out.”

CHALLENGE #1 – The Long Time Suit Salesman had His Face
and Awards for Most Suit Sales in a Month – on the wall.

And put Randy in Charge of The Big & Tall Dept – way way in the back –
away from all the customers And Far from the
Entrance Door to the Store.

CHALLENGE #2 – Randy had spent an afternoon helping a buddy
in his Fathers Haberdashery – Suit Shop in Paris. So he really didn’t
have a Clue what to do. (But he knew people & Sales.)

CHALLENGE #3 – Randy didn’t have any Munny. HE had to sell suits
to eat. And do it fast. So he Used BARTER.

Randy hunted around the store.

Talking to long time employees and managers and
Found the BluePrints for the entire store. Which included a little
Map – you could fit on a 8 by 10 page.

Randy walked thru the Entire SAKS store. Figuring out
where each Dept is. And what they sell.

Then Entered the info on the back of his map.
And made 100 Copies!

(Give away a Map – and sell a Suit.)

Randy told me, “While my ENEMY was helping other patrons, I waited by the
Entrance Store door.”

“When people came thru the door I said, “Hello, I am Your Saks Store TOUR
GUIDE! What are you looking for? I’ve got a Store Map here. And
I’ve memorized the entire store. I can help.”

“WHILE We Were Talking.

“AFTER I Gave Them a Saks Store Map.

“While We Were Laughing together.

“I mentioned that I ALSO Sold Mens Suits. And Asked Women if anyone
in their family needed a FRIEND to help them Find Some New Suits.”

Randy said, “It was as IF The FLOOD Gates Opened. I discovered The Women,
The Wife did all the clothes Shopping. Were DESPERATE to get their
Husbands and Boyfriends who HATE SHOPPING – to up-grade their

These LADIES WHO GOT a Store Map (And Randy’s Card.)
came back with 1, 2, 3 or more MEN – and they ALL got suits from Randy.

Randy passed His ENEMY in Suit Sales.
Got HIS Face on The Placque on the wall.

FUNNY END to the Story.

Randy’s ENEMY and BOSS in the suit Dept – Saw he was Hanging out
at the front door.

TOOK Over that door position.

But He Got in Their Face & Made Everybody MAD –
And Randy – Going with PLAN B –
By the Escalator – was able to Say,

“I’m Not Like THAT GUY. I’m Here to HELP. Here’s a STORE Map. Whatcha
Looking for?”


Randy sold even more suits than BEFORE
when he hung out at the front door!