How Mom Bartered With the Garbage Men

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Did you ever come out of the house to find your Garbage can
Smashed flat in the middle of the road?
Or maybe the lid missing or cracked?
Or the entire side of the metal can
Dented like an Elephant Stepped on it?
I saw One of the Garbage collectors
Toss my plastic Garbage container
High in the air – back into my yard recently.
And Suddenly Understood Why the entire
Side of the plastic Garbage Can SPLIT
open this past winter.
5 degrees Fahrenheit –
The Plastic Can is Flip – Flip Flipped High
in the air and hits the Ground.
At that Temperature The plastic
Never happened to my Mother.
We had this beat up old
metal Trash can.  With an ill
fitting lid.
Always sitting safely in the grass.
With the lid on.
The Trash guys even Beat some of the
Dents out!
Mom would put 3 Plums in a pile
on top of the lid – Each week.
Or a Little Bag of Cherries.  Or
3 Apples or Nectarines or Pears.
NOBODY Else on their Entire
Trash Route Gave the Guys
A darn thing – you can bet.