How I Bartered One Sheet of Paper for $500 in Cash

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On the phone with Jason the college student.

Jason got a job selling solar panels dr to dr.

So We said, “Tell you what.  If you send me $500

I’ll E-mail you a One Page Report on how I saved

$1320.00 a year off my Electric bill.

“You knock on the house door and say, 

“Hi – I’m Jason – I’ll give you $1000 for 2 Minutes of your time – to FIND OUT if I can make you Thousands extra per year.”

I – Hold up the Report on how We Saved 1200.00 by switching to LED Light bulbs.  Explain it briefly.

“Switch Fluorescent Bulbs for LED and you save a Bundle.”

II – Hold up a LED bulb – to demonstrate how the light looks.

Let the home owner hold it.

Even better if they Invite you in to TRY OUT the LED bulb.

III – THEN you explain how the solar company you represent can install Solar panels that make the home owner thousands more.

The Solar panels produce so much electricity the home owner can sell power back to the Electric Company power grid.

IV – ASK the Qualifying Question:

***How Much Is Your Electric Bill Every month?”***

IF it’s High enough – You call for a Sales man.

IF too low.

The home owner is Still Happy – because you saved them munny with the LED Bulb Idea.

AND YOU ASK Them to Refer You to a Neighbor.


P.S. – Jason Was a Successful at dr to dr sales – with ZERO Experience.

Here is the 1320.00 Report


How a Home Owner Makes An EXTRA $1320

A Year By Switching to LED Light Bulbs


I had a Big Hole in my Wallet.

But I plugged it.

Here’s why my 142.00 a mo electric bill dropped to 32.00 a mo.  I replaced The Incandescent and Fluorescent Bulbs in our house w/Super Efficient LEDs.

After testing 4 different screw in LED Bulbs.  I liked the Cree 9.5 watt best.

The Amazon Link –

Our 3 Bathroom Mirrors have 4 Bulbs over them.  But the darn Cree LED is SO BRIGHT I unscrewed 3 bulbs – use one.

The 4 Bedrooms got an LED (SO Bright I Use 1 Bulb instead of three.)

The Living Rm, Dining Rm, Family room, Kitchen, Laundry room, hallway, Front & Back Door entrances, Basement and Garage – all got replacement LED bulbs.

15 LED Bulbs put $110.00 a month into my pocket.


My Dad put motion detectors on all 4 corners of the house.  And the Porch.

Heard a noise one night.  A Raccoon was eating the Cats Food on the front Porch.  Using Our Flood Lights!

Then I caught a Fat Groundhog eating the flowers.

And a deer eating my Sweet Potato Plants.

And I was Paying so they could SEE BETTER to eat Breakfast, lunch and dinner at our Expense.  NO MORE.  I taped over the motion detectors!

Just bought a New Pair of Shoes with some of my Extra Money.  Glenn