How I Bartered Land for a Truck

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Sent from Tom in California- Posted with Permission.

I once bartered a nice piece of undeveloped land for a truck.

I wasn’t using it and I needed a new vehicle. The old one was starting to fall apart. I was tired of having to replace or repair something every month, and a nice truck opportunity came my way, so I took advantage of it. Plus, I had a couple of other pieces of land, and had originally bought it as an investment anyway.

It was past time for another truck. I tried to sell the land first, but didn’t get many bites, so decided I would be open to offers of any kind. Eventually, I found someone who was interested, a dealer.

The land was a pretty big piece, about half an acre. A small creek on one side ran year round, but flooded part of the land when the rains ran high. It was mostly grassy, with some big trees. Cleared from the previous owner, but never built upon. I wanted to build, but had already decided on another piece of land I owned for my house.

The truck was a 2001 Nissan Extra Cab, with 4 wheel drive, worth about 7-8K. Perfect for the rugged terrain I lived in. Plus, the creek only had a smallish bridge to cross over from the dirt road, so was not the best access.

We eventually came to an agreement after haggling for a few days. He was trying to get some money out of me, on top of the land. I wasn’t budging though. I countered by asking him for some cash, on top of the truck. I know that land will increase in value, whereas a car or truck loses value, typically.

Plus, since he was a car dealer, land was much more attractive for him that a  truck was for me. I knew he liked the land from the first time he viewed it, so I stood my ground.

-He wanted the land.

-I wanted the truck.

-Neither of us wanted to pay any cash.

After we decided to go through with the deal, we had a couple of beers together, talking about what he would do with the land. Parted ways as friends. I love win-win deals.