How I Bartered For Airplane Seats At $50.00 a 2-Way Flight

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Step I is to find a Business Partner who is married to an Airline Pilot.
Judy’s Husband got Buddy Passes for 50.00 each.
This means I can fly anywhere in the USA on “Standby.”
“Standby” Means You Only Get a Seat when they have not sold all the seats.
Here is where Barter Comes in Handy.
Often there are 10 or 20 PUSHY “Standby Wannabe Passengers” besides me.
What do you do to Influence The Airline Stewardess Gals
at the Boarding Desk to PICK YOU?
1st – I Wait Until a BITCHY Standby complainer – yells at the poor lady, “Don’t seat me next to any noisy kids.  Or the Emergency doors, either.”
2nd – I walk up and SMILE.  Roll my Eyes.  Say, “WOW.  Unlike the rest I’ll take Any open seat you have.  I have the muscles to open the emergency doors to the slide too.
I’ll be sitting RIGHT OVER THERE – out of your hair.”
3rd – These long suffering women GLOW with Happiness to meet Someone NICE.
4th – I watch the Desk for Stressful Conversations with Passengers.
5th – And Walk over and hand them a Red or Pink or Purple or Yellow PAPER ROSE.  I say, “I Still Like You.”  OR “You Look Like you need a Smile.”
And hand them the rose.
I’ve Flown Successfully on Standby 30 times.
NEVER Once didn’t get a seat.
OFTEN I got the Last Seat!
Ahead of the other 20 Standby Whingers and Complainers.
And one memorable time I got the Last Seat on a Jumbo Jet to Los Angeles.
I was Watched by the Entire 500 other passengers as I walked to the Back seat of the entire plane.  And
then watched as the Flight Crew had to UNLOAD luggage.  Because my 150 lbs put them over the weight limit.
Very Satisfying.
I just looked it up.  Baltimore to Los Angeles – RoundTrip – 355.00
355 X 30 Trips = 10,650.00
I spent 1500.00 Instead of 10Grand.
You GET IT, Right?
Without Barter I’d have missed 50% of the flights where I was just one of 20 people waiting for 3 empty seats.
Barter allowed me to BEAT The others to a seat – 100% of the time.
Here’s the Website where people can order the – roses.

P.S. – Oooops – Almost Forgot.    Go see my magician friend to learn how to make a paper Flower
and to b-uy his – packs of colored roses. The Magician has some kind of Fee payment link on his site – so You Get That and we get a Cut whenever someone from BannedBarter orders thru us.