How Dick Makes 94K a Month Walking Around with a Sign Around His Neck

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We got Referred to a Guy in Florida who was forced
out of his own Credit Repair business by his Uncle.

When we met — Dick– was putting “credit repair flyers”
in gas stations.  (Not working.)

Step I – We Interviewed him and Wrote a 3 page Report:

***3 Common Bad Credit NIGHTMARES
and How I’ve Solved Them***

Step II – Dick went to Staples and Got a Yellow Sign
laminated that he put a string thru – and wore around his neck.


Step III – Dick Got 5000.00 Handed to him –500.00 at a time– the next day
walking around a local Mall.

Here’s How The BARTER Sign Works –

One Way to Convince Total Strangers to STOP,
Give You Some of Their Valuable Time,
LISTEN to you,
and then READ a 3 Page Report
is to

(EDITORS NOTE – I have a friend who sells to Doctors who PAYS for an
appointment.  But says, “Hi Doc, nothing wrong with me.  I just wanted
to get 5 minutes of your time to offer you ______.”  He is Very Successful.)

A Sign to
BARTER for Some Time.

I called Dick on his cell phone while he was talking to a Cashier
as she wrote him a check for 500 bucks.

I – People see the BRIGHT YELLOW SIGN around his neck and Ask, “What
does that mean?”

II – Dick says, “I can fix any kind of bad credit problem you have.

III – The Prospect says, “Well I have Bad credit (Which is WHY They Reacted
to the Sign) cuz of a gas credit card payment I got Double billed for.”

IV – Dick says, “Read this.  It explains how I can fix that Plus Identity Theft
Or even Credit problems for your entire Business.”

Dick says 90% write him a check.

How did Dick get To 94K a month?

Turns out a Huge SWATH of Americans have messed up credit.  Dick went to
a Play and went backstage – wearing his sign.

3/4 of the actors And BackStage Folks Paid him 500 bucks each.    Over 10 Grand in one shot.

They all had bad credit.


P.S. – New Barter Book tells HOW We Make Munny for ourselves AND for Clients with WEIRD BARTER.