How Barter Got Me a Room At a Sold Out Motel At 12 Midnight

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So I drove from Md to SC to an
Advanced NLP Workshop.
I – I Bartered my way in by
selling a couple Seats instead of using cash.
II – When I arrived the night before the event – it was midnight.
The Desk Clerk said, “No rooms. Sold out.”
I asked him to call some nearby hotels for me.
I said, “Write your name on this blank piece of paper. And I’ll Create a “Handwriting Personality MindMap” for you
based on your Handwriting. As a Thank you for contacting a couple nearby hotels – to find me a room.
“OK”, he says.
III – So I start TELLING him about himself – based on the way he writes various letters.
t – persistent
i – Detailed person
m – Snap decision maker
T – Very Trustworthy and responsible
d – Stubborn
g – Needs more exercise
I Explain each item – As I write them down for him.
Suddenly – The Desk Clerk Checks his computer AGAIN.
“Hey, here’s an empty room.”
Problem solved.
Next morning the NLP Hypno Seminar host pulls me aside.
He is smirking.
“Did you know you took the MAIN Speakers Room Last night? I wouldn’t wanna be in YOUR Shoes. And he is laughing.
Sure enough.
For the next seven days – At Breakfast, Lunch and dinner – all 31 of the attendees ORDER THE EXACT same meal as the NLP Guru Speaker.
EXCEPT for me. I manage to resist.
Until the last day when he Tried out some Musical NLP on me. And I woke up 400 miles south on my way to Florida. And had to turn around to go North back to Baltimore, Maryland.
At least I wasn’t bucking like a chicken – on my knees
like some of the other attendees. THAT SUCKS.
Barter Gives you Power.
But it also gets you into some strange situations.