How Barter Built the Eiffel Tower

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While watching one of those movies about Tallest, Biggest, New Technology
I discovered a Fellow Entrepreneur using BARTER!
Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
was building bridges all over Europe.
Entered and Won the Contest to Build a Tower In Paris France – 1887.
Huge Protests.
Outcry by the citizens.
Protests and marching on city hall about his all STEEL Riveted Design.
The Mayor and the City Politicians Totally
Ignored the Hue and Cry.
Because Gustav PAID 80% of the Construction costs HIMSELF.
You may Ask, “Ok, Glenn – just where is the BARTER in this story?”
Gustav fooled the city about Costs by PRE-Assembling and putting Rivets
into the steel In his factory.
AND had the Eiffel tower built in 22 months INSTEAD of the years
that a tower – that was the worlds tallest building at the time – usually took to construct.
Here’s what Gustav BARTERED for
and got for his 80% investment.
***100% of the Concession rights.***
Within a year Gustav had ALL of his investment Back.
He contacted the Newspapers when he took Buffalo Bill Cody on a tour of his tower.
Lots of Hoopla when he escorted a
King or a Queen up his tower to see look out.
Princes and Famous people all wanted to View Paris (AND BE SEEN by the huge crowds Lined up to get in.)
Stalls selling ice-cream and Eiffel cookies and candies
surrounded the Tower.  (Gustav got all the munny)
Flags and badges and little Eiffel tower
Statues sold like hot cakes.
The video said young women started buying “Eiffel Tower Dresses”
which could be hitched up higher on the legs to allow
easier walking up the tower stairs.
Gustav made MILLIONS
year after year after year.