How A Chiropractor BARTERED for 495 F-r-e-e Meals

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ONCE UPON A TIME – I was invited to visit a South Carolina Toastmasters Club meeting.

Got invited to an NLP Workshop.

The host of both was a Successful Chiropractor – with 5 other chiropractors Working FOR HIM BACK in his office.

Michael bought 33 of us Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.  For an entire WEEK.

I noticed HE DID NOT PAY.

Asked him, “Thanks for the F-r-e-e meals but What the Heck are you using instead of munny?”

Michael Laughed.

Pulled me into a side room then Explained:

I – Michael visits lots of small 1 person Restaurants.    Especially Italian.

II – He does F-r-e-e Chiro Adjusting on The Limping owner, Sore footed cooks/staffers and
gets invited home and does F-r-e-e Adjusting on the Family of the Owners.

III – Then He Explains how offering F-r-e-e Chiro
to Restaurant customers will PACK the place on slow days and nights – like Mon-Tues-Wed

(He has PROOF.    Michael dials the phone so the New Guy can talk to another HAPPIFIED Rest owner.)

IV – And when he drops by for a meal – the owner introduces him to their best,
Long time – frequent diners.  And Michael does F-r-e-e Chiro PAIN RELIEF at their table.  Gives them a card
to come to his office for 3 more F-r-e-e Adjustments.

V – Michael Converts all the Restaurant VIP customers into paying patients.

VI – And Makes BARTER deals with the Restaurant owner to swap 1 F-r-e-e Meal
for Each Chiro Adjustment done for the owner, his wife, his kids and relatives.

VII – Michael does this at almost 100 Local Restaurants!


A – Michael was able to pay for 33 of our meals – 3 times a day for 5 days.  495 meals
out of his tens of thousands of dollars of un-used Barter Script.

B – Michael uses BARTER instead of Marketing to REFER himself patients.

C – Michael is the only Chiropractor I’ve met with million dollar homes on
three continents.

D – Michael Attracts so Many People to Restaurants where he does
F-r-e-e “PAIN RELIEF Nights” that the Restaurant owners are HAPPY to give him 1 to1 Barter for food – For Family Only.