How a Butcher Shop Owner In Ireland Uses Barter

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Krista Interviewed her friend who owns the local
Butcher Shop.
OK, they Barter Meat, Meat pies, meaty stuff for:

– fridge/freezer, hot cabinet repairs

– buying stock reduced from the delivery drivers (eggs, pie shells, pastries, sausage rolls, bridies)
– gets sold for 3 times what they paid for it
– an arrangement with the cash and carry man who lends them the keys to the warehouse. 
– getting the cars and vans repaired
– deal to butcher lambs for the guy that sells lamb –  for resale at higher prices
– same with the chicken orders
– word of mouth sales from people who send other people to order from the shop and pay extra for the orders to be picked up. The meat market is 6 doors away and they’re going anyway. They make 50% on top of salary with this one.
– people to tell them about supermarket special deals on meat (Easter, Christmas etc), they resell it in the shop at markup (double at Christmas)
– overalls, cloths, cleaning supplies