How A Black Opps Para-Trooper Bartered With a General

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While swapping Barter Stories with – Wadley – a Retired Black Opps Soldier
he told me THIS ONE.

His Team Jumps out of airplanes – all over the world –
to set up airstrips so the Marines can land.

(A Little Insight into why we are so LUVVED all over the world.)

Wadley and his team get sent to South Korea
cuz a General has a Brilliant idea.

Fly Wadley and his team a couple Miles into North Korea. Throw them out
above the Atmosphere in Oxygen Masks. (Which they do all the time.) Then
have them Para-sail Back to the South Korea Border.


So they can POKE AT And Stop-watch TIME How Long it takes the North Koreans
to Scramble their Fighter Jets to try and Machine Gun Wadley and his pals out of
the air.

BEFORE they can para-sail back behind South Korean lines.

Wadley always jumps First. Bright light on his helmet the his team follow
down. And he has the Portable GPS equipment so he knows which way to parachute to safety.

about the GENERALS Idea.

So Wadley sent a Request up the Chain of Command…

I – Fly our wives and girlfriends from the USA to Live.

II – Free House Big Enough for the entire team.

III – Open Ended Credit Card to use at the Base PX.

Said, “HELL NO – You will do what I say or I’ll Throw you in the stockade on Bread
and water.”

Here’s how Wadley Negotiated his BARTER DEAL with the General…

I – Wadley pulled a GUN on the pilot. Who “Mistakenly” opened the airplane
doors early – and the team JUMPED before they got to the N. Korean line.

II – The Generals Response? He Posted Armed Guards on the plane – for Security.
But their guns just happened to be Aimed at Wadley.

III – Wadley and his men Did Some SECRET JUMP Practice. Where they Practiced
FREE FALLING Very very fast. So the team could get Back to S. Korean ground
FAST before the Jets could be Scrambled.

You’ve Seen it done in Movies. But it gets Tricky Up where their is no Oxygen.

IV – The General WAS NOT HAPPY. But he couldn’t find anybody to Hold
Guns on Wadley while falling from 20,000 Feet up.

So Wadley Successfully BARTERED for all his “Perks.”

Wadley REPORTS that – The Wives and Girl friends were Ecstatic too. Cuz they used the F-r-e-e Stuff from the PX to Barter for Maid Service. And almost anything they wanted
at local S. Korean stores.