How a 4-Color Printer Bartered for 4 Million Dollars of New Business

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We called a Client who does 4-Color Printing  Big Printing Jobs
for 100’s of Jiffy Print stores, Banks, Malls, Ad Agencies.
“Let’s Barter With your Suppliers for Referrals, George.”
I – Who do you pay the most munny to every month?
ANSWER – The local Manager of a Paper Plant.
II – Who are your Biggest and most Profitable Clients?
ANSWER – Airports, Malls, Big Regional Banks
So we called the manager up at the Paper Plant and said, “George would like
to visit you at the paper plant and bring his 91,000.00 Check for the month.”
ANSWER – “Great.  Can he come today?  I’ll buy him lunch.
A 91,000.00 Check
for an Appointment
and a Free Lunch.
NEXT QUESTION – Mr Paper Manager – are you on salary or do you get Bonuses
for more paper sales?
Answer – BONUSES.
So When You Refer George To People you do business with
at Any Business that fits Georges – Top 3 Best Clients – Each worth a million dollars Plus in business a year…
The 91,000 Monthly Check will go Way Up
and you get paid a BIG BONUS.
QUESTION – Who do you know who works at a Big Regional Bank,
Mall Management, Airport Administration?
Mr Paper Plant Manager Gave George 4 or 5
Contacts AND Called Them up to Introduce and Endorse George!
So We Bartered
A 91,000.00 Check for a Free Lunch
and 4 Million dollars in New Referral Business
Equal to or Better Than Georges 3 Top Clients.
George Closed Every Single Referral –
Because he has a giant warehouse operation
with many efficiencies and More New TECH than his competitors.
Which Supplier do YOU pay the most munny to?