How 4.00 of Barter Got Me 40.00 in Free Food

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Aloha Glenn,

I tested out the Lottery tickets on the very 1st day i found u online 

& ordered ur “Headless Zombie” materials.
I went out & bought 10 scratch-offs, & then took 3 of my older 
(30-ish years old) kids to a high-end Italian restaurant 4 lunch.
I started out asking our waitress, “ Are u gonna be our server?” 
and she said, “Maybe?” So i promptly gave her 1 scratch-off, 
and with a big “thanks” & a “grin,” she strode off.
She got back pretty quickly & took our drink orders, 
& a “puzzled” look on her face, after i gave her another ticket.
She got our drinks really fast, & took our orders pronto.
This, considering the restaurant was very busy.
I handed her another scratcher, & she brought back a whole bunch
of salads 4 everyone, and soups we hadn’t ordered.
Our cups were always full.
Drink refills & soups & salads were “on-the-house,” it turns out.
Not bad, for a $4 investment (another scratcher with the tip). 
Must’ve saved me about $30-$40.
I don’t know if i did this correctly, but i’m happy with my 1st time-out results!


P.S. U have my permission 2 use this testimonial