Health Club Juice Barter

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So I’m talking to
AL – the Health club
ME – “Hey Al, How much are
you paying the owner of
that fancy Juice machine
on the wall over there?
AL – “Nuthin”
ME – “Whata ya mean
AL – “I told the sales guy
I’d test it for a week and
if I couldn’t sell 500%
more than he charges
me – he has to Yank it out.”
ME – “So the kid pouring drinks
in those little paper cups is
Your Tester?
AL – “Yeah.  He writes down
what anyone Orders MORE of
and goes around the room
from stairclimbers to wgt
room to the walkers and
then to the sauna.
ME – “I see what you’re doing.
SPEED TESTING.  You’re Bartering
a mouthful of orange or grape
or pineapple juice with 100’s of
Patrons to find out if the machine
will PAY for itself.
AL – “Yeah yeah.  You’re supposed
to be helping write an ad to attract
a Chiropractor so I don’t have to
Me – “Ok.  Ok – back to work.