He Bartered Customized Golf Shirts That DOUBLED SALES in Return for 100Grand

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Once Upon a time I met a brilliant business owner in California.
How Brilliant?
He ran 3 Businesses – same time.
Same office.
Same Receptionist.
SAME Company Initials – so he can save munny on letterhead.  Funny Reception
area.  One Entrance door.  THREE doors leaving.  For each of the 3 companies.
One Day His Wife comes to Breakfast and says,
“You’re Boring – I Want a Divorce.”
Later that Week Her Psychologist Checks her into
A Hospital for the Mentally Ill.
RUBBER-ROOM-WIFEY Plus The Divorce meant that Dave Couldn’t get access to
 his 21 million dollar savings.  AND he had all his stuff in boxes in rented storage unit.
PROBLEM #1 – Where to Live?
 Dave Solved that in a Quirky way.
He called thru his rolodex and offered to house sit for everyone while they
were on vacation.  Charted all his house sitting jobs on a calendar – back
to back.
PROBLEM #2 – Dave Used a WEIRD Barter Tactic to Make Munny.
Dave decided he would become a Marketing Consultant.  No Experience
except he attended a 15,000.00 Jay Abraham Seminar.  Which is where we met.
Here’s How Dave Bartered
to Get 100K from Small Business Clients
in 3 to 5 days.
FIRST – He Went to his Country Club.  Asked “Joe The Plumber” in his four-some,
 “What would you pay me if I could DOUBLE Your Income in a week?
“You gross about 3 mil now – If I could Jump you to 6 mil – Would you pay me
Answer:  “Sure.”
NEXT – Dave borrowed one of Joe’s Golf Shirts.  Went to the lady who customizes
all his suits.  Had her Stencil –
Above Joe’s Golf Shirt Pocket.
LASTLY – Then Dave Called Joe and invited him to the Country Club for Lunch
and a golf game.
Dave Told Joe, “I’m going to write down the # of Business Cards you hand
out AND people who ASK you for Quotes and New Jobs You get from wearing
This Shirt I fixed up for you.”
Dave told me, “I stuck to Joe like Glue. In 3 days he wrote me a check for
100K because he’d landed MORE than that ALREADY in just 3 days.”
In 3 days Joe had closed over a dozen new jobs from guys
WHO READ HIS GOLF SHIRT and Said, “Joe The Plumber.  HEY, You must be
GOOD if you can afford to Golf at this time of the day.  When can you
come over and fix my ___________.?”
I asked Dave, “How did you know the Shirt Headline would work?”
Answer – “Easy.  I invented it.  Used the idea for myself.  And a few friends.
All of whom reported 2X more sales.”
As far as I know, this is ALL Dave did To Make Munny while waiting for a judge
to UN-Freeze his assets.
He Bartered Customized Golf Shirts That DOUBLED SALES
in Return for 100Grand.
Also – Remember where Dave Lives.  Los Altos.  The most expensive area
of Los Angeles.