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Banned Barter: How to Make 1000’s from Home by Borrowing Ideas from Self Made Millionaires


Dear Friend,

Thanks for Understanding why we couldn’t fit the Detailed “HOW-TO-BARTER” Guts of our Barter deals into the short Format at

The site would be Impossible to Enjoy.

But Just Suppose You Could LISTEN to LITERALLY DOZENS of The *Behind-The-Scenes-DETAILS* of Weird (Non-Traditional) Munny Making Barter Stories Like The 3 We’ve Cut and Pasted BELOW?

You say, “Show Me The MUNNY!”

We say, “Over The River

and Thru The Woods to

Glenn’s BARTER Dungeon We GO..”

But First…

*You Might Want to Know Where All These Hundreds of WEIRD BannedBarter Stories come from.

**Why You Won’t Find WEIRD BARTER STORIES Anywhere Else.

***And Why the “Banned Barter” name Is so appropriate.

  • I – In 1989 We Paid 15K to attend the 1st Jay Abraham Protege Bootkamp.
  • II – Then Jay told Us How He Bartered With Millionaires for Information and Munny.
  • III – So We Bartered *Fredericks of Hollywood* Wigs to Jay’s Gal Friday to Get Put on the Work-Behind-The-Scenes List.
  • IV – Then Bartered MUFFIN RECIPES and Thank you Notes to Sell 1.2 Million dollars of seminar seats – telemarketing for Jay.
  • V – Then Bartered OPM – Checks from Folks we Closed – To Attend 15 More Jay Abraham seminars. (You say, “Hey I got this Check for 20K – can you Rent me a Chair in the back of the room? – Heh heh heh)
  • VI – Then Bartered for F-r-e-e Tickets to Gary Halbert Seminars.
  • VII – Sold Seats and Bartered to go to Bill Myers Events. Where we Met Ted Nicholas.
  • VIII – Bartered with a client to go to a Dan Kennedy Program.
  • IX – Bartered w/a *50,000.00 in cash a day Manhattan Dentist* to Meet the 2 Folks who Create Two – 1 billion dollar companies.
  • X – Bartered a F-r-e-e 10K Consult to Get Introduced to 426 Million Mentor Walter Hailey.
  • XI – Bartered for all of Ted Nicholas “Hidden Benefit” Hypno Copywriting Content.

We Discovered That ALL of These Mentors BARTER Like Crazy.

BUT Nobody Talks About Barter!


For Obvious Reasons:

But MY GUESS IS – IF YOU Knew You Could Get It For FREE. NOBODY Would Buy it and Pay MUNNY.

But ME?

  • We Use Barter Everywhere,
  • Bartering Adds Spice and Flare,
  • You Ask, “WHY SHOULD I Care?
  • Now Don’t You GLARE,
  • Or Say, “This isn’t Fair,
  • Because Nobody Told You Selling is a NIGHTMARE,
  • Without Barter To ADD VALUE — Beware,
  • Because Hidden – Forbidden Barter is Everywhere
  • And Your Competitors are Surely Aware,
  • For Example – Facebook is on a Barter Tear,
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Are All There,
  • Apple Is Bartering Free IPhone Up-Grade Software,
  • In Order to Barter, Snatch, Grab & Snare,
  • A Bigger Share,
  • Of the Phone Biz And to Give Competitors a SCARE.
  • Perhaps Now You Agree – Barter is Everywhere.

(EDITORS NOTE – Yes It’s True – We BARTER Weird Poems

To Grab Your Attention when we Write Letters and Books and Emails.)


Hot air and talk is Fine.

But the Only Way to Learn Barter is to FEEL it – EXPERIENCE it. And so Just Below we’ll give that a go.


Dungeon TORTURE Barter BRIBE #1 –


EZ 100.00 in 2 Hrs Job Invented By a Millionaire/Tightwad Dad So He Didn’t Have to Pay his 2 Sons an Allowance.
At a 25,000 Seminar A man Stood up to say, ”I Used Thank You Notes to DOUBLE Insurance Sales in 3 States This year.”

(EDITORS NOTE – The Same GENIUS Who Boosted Insurance Sales by 281 MILLION DOLLARS a year ALSO Invented this *100.00 in 2 hr Idiot-proof job* for each son. AND You Get Step By Step DETAILS about Both in our mp3 Audio Interview.


WARNING – Barter Torture Just Ahead.

  • STEP I – You go to a Nearby Subway Sandwich Shop.
  • Step II – You Ask, “What are your Top 2 Best Selling Subs?”
  • STEP III – You Load a Cafeteria Tray with 25 subs.
  • Step IV – You Walk over to the nearby bus Stop.
  • STEP V – You Sell each sub for 1.00 MORE than you paid.
  • Step VI – You Make 4 Trips during the busy Go to work Drive time.

THE REASON WHY You Should order Banned Barter Volume #1 – #2 and #3?


We TELL you the 12 MAGIC Words.

You Say…

To SCARE Bus Riders into Paying you 1.00 Extra Instead of Walking over and ordering their OWN Darn Sandwich!





I do so Enjoy BARTER BRIBE Torturing munny out of folks.

(EDITORS NOTE – OF course we couldn’t DO it if we didn’t deliver 100X More than you Expect.)

  • YUMMY BRIBE #2 To Prrrrrsuade You
  • to Order Our Banned Barter Volume #1 or #2 or #3.
  • Which will it be?
  • Perhaps All THREE?
  • Yessiree.




JUST SUPPOSE You Knew The MAGIC QUESTION Terri Used – BELOW – to Sell 1.8 Million dollars worth of Cars. She Beat 14 Men at Her Dealership.
We SPARED you the 3 page List.

Here are the last 7 items.

  • 12/31/14 -2004 Chevrolet Impala -$10,998.00 -Gail H.
  • 12/29/14 -2011 Jeep Patriot – $14,599.00 – Imelda C.
  • 12/29/14 -2005 Porsche 911 – $34,998.00 Mark A.
  • 12/27/14 -2013 Chevrolet Camaro -$27,998.00 -Dan K.
  • 12/23/14 -2010 Ford Edge -$20,599.00 -Miriam F.
  • 12/5/14 -2006 Infiniti QX56 -$19,998.00 -Shanee M.
  • 12/3/14 -2013 Dodge Challenger -$19,998.00 -Ray S.
  • Total
  • $1,890,028.00


We Bartered with Terri for PERMISSION to Share Her 1.8 million PRE-HEAT PAGE.

***You Might ASK YOURSELF – What the Heck is Terri Saying to get total Strangers to TRUST HER enough to buy a Car from her?

***You’ll Hear How Terri is going to FORCE Her Car Dealership to Boost her pay.

***You Will Also FIND OUT How Terri’s GREED PAGE Guarantees her a job at any Dealership.



You gotta be thinking —-If a 100 pound little girl can use ONE QUESTION to move 1.8 million dollars of Automobiles…







And – of course – We Adapt The MAGIC QUESTION we Taught Terri to Barter Situations.

The SECRET to Our Barter Success is The MAGIC QUESTION

which Gets People to Tell you What they WANT MOST and DISLIKE.




—-What Barter Bribe Did We Borrow From a Hollywood Bartender?

—-AND a #1 Car Salesman

—-And a Wealthy Real Estate Investor Who Buys Foreclosed Homes Dr to Dr?

Barter FLIRT TIPPING Results
***Special Forces Soldier Says, ”Thanks Glenn, I used Your Barter Tipping Tactic to Shut My Mother-in-Law up During Our Anniversary Dinner. We Got Service from 8 Waitresses!”

***CPA Says, “Your Barter Tip ideas work TOO well. The Food Lion Cashier put a 20.00 bill in my bag. Had to take it back so she wouldn’t get fired.”

***Black Opps Soldier – ”I Used Your Barter Tipping Strategy While Flirting with the owner of a Local Restaurant and the Teen Age Waitress. She got so Jealous She Showed Me Her Nudist Camp Photo Album.”

***Kentucky Sign Painter says, ”Great fun. Had 3 Waitresses fighting over me today at lunch.”

***Construction worker says, ”Glenn, I am in trouble Dude. Big monster boyfriend busted thru my hotel door. Threatened to kill me. And all I did was FLIRT BRIBE the pretty waitress at the bar.”

***Father of Beauty Pageant Contestant – “Thanks for the Barter Tipping strategy. We Raised Enough munny to send my daughter to the National Pageant in Texas.”

***Janitorial NightShift Worker – “After Barter Tipping the Bartender Where I eat for a couple weeks – Last Night he Gave me Enough food for 3 people. Plus Real China plates and metal silverware in my TakeOut Bag!”

***Dr to Dr Home Security System SalesGirl Called me crying. The Barter Tipping Tactic we Shared with her Got Her to #1 in sales and her Sales Manager is So Jealous he won’t give her any more leads.” (Heh heh – Taught her to get her own Dang Leads.)

***Computer Software Designer for the Pentagon – “My Wife Punched me. I Forgot I’d Used Your Barter Tipping system at an Asian Restaurant. And the Gorgeous manager ran over and hugged me. Ooops.”

Curious, yet?

You’ll Find a Partial Outline of our Three Audio Books Below.


Because ONE Barter Story Reminds me of a Better one. Then another. And more and more. And Because we’ve interviewed literally 100’s of self made millionaires over the past 26 years. AND WE ALL Barter – ALL THE TIME.

You will get A Couple Dozen NEW Barter Case Studies NOT FOUND at – in Volume #1 – V#2 and V#3 of our WEIRD BARTER Book Series.

More SURPRISE Barter Bribes.



BONUS BRIBE #1 – Order All Three hrs V#1 – V#2 – V#3 – And You get a copy of the 1200.00 BARTER PAGE Report – We Use to Help Clients Barter for Sales from home, In email or by phone And Face to face & Dr To Dr – so you can say (Like my Solar Panel Sales Client), “Here’s a 1000.00 to Find Out If you Qualify to make Thousands more. I need 3 minutes.”




You get a Copy of The GREED PAGE a Cad/Cam Employee Used to BARTER His Way to 2X More Moolah.




You Get a Copy of all THREE Pages of the 1.8 Million dollar Car Saleswoman’s GREED PAGE. Terry Uses GREED to Work Anywhere. And ASK for and Get More Pay. (No More job application Nonsense.)




You Also Get a Copy of The Computer Tech/web-creation GREED PAGE Blake Shows to Affluent women AFTER he Dances The TANGO with them. Tango Dancers are like Golfers – affluent and CRAZY about their sport.




Plus You Get a Link to the GREED Page from my Webmaster Chris. Proof He Can Drive NEW Customer Leads to You Thru Your Website – For FREE.

A HVAC Client Sold The Biz – So The Non-Disclosure-Agreement Does Not

Apply. Thus Chris Has a PRE-HEAT Website to Show Sm Biz Prospects. AND You Might Benefit Too.

You Might Wanna Borrow The F-r-e-e Leads Website BARTER idea.



GUARANTEE – You Get a 365 Day 100% Munny Back Guarantee And CAN ASK for All of your Munny Back on Each and Every Barter Book or mp3 Audio book we sell – We Have Only ONE Request. BEFORE You Ask for a Refund – You Send us ONE —Just One— Barter Case Study of your own. After All – if you do Nothing – Nothing Happens. –




BANNED BARTER – Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION – Why Write a Book about Barter?

A – Research on – less than 5 books on Barter – Before We get to the

“End of the world” – How-to-Barter Type Books.

B – But Google – “How to Barter?” – You get 23,900,000 articles!

C – How to Barter on Craigs list – Generic articles

D – Even the Best Articles I’ve found – on Restaurant Barter – for Example. Only mention ONE Specific Rule of thumb. In Illinois Barter Network Restaurants trade 1.50 of food Script or Certificates for 1.00 of Services.


INSTEAD – Successful Barter is KNOWING what the hard cost of what you are bartering REALLY is.

I once forced a Restaurant owner to sit with me and Add up the real cost of one of his Footlong Steak Sub sandwiches. 2 pieces of bread, 2 slices of tomato and so on.

For example – Subway Footlong Steak Sub – 7.50

REAL COST of ingredients 2.00 or less 300% Margins!

NEW BARTER STORY – How We Created a Barter Offer for a Deli Owner That Grew his Gross Sales by 21%.

MEANING at the Barter rate of 1.50 for menu value Food Traded for Each 1.00 of Plumbing or Janitorial or Dentistry or other services – the Restaurant owner is making out like a BANDIT.

But NOWHERE can you find any of the details you need.

That is why we’re doing this Barter Series. To give you The Behind The Scenes DETAILS.

And because Barter goes on inside every family and every business – non-stop.

NEW BARTER STORY – How We Bartered FORTUNE COOKIES to A Root Canal Doctor and His Staff – And Got a F_R_E_E Lunch in Return.

NEW BARTER STORY – How We Bartered Faxed PERSONALITY PROFILES to Dental Practice owners – to Create LONG LINES at the door of our Endodontist Client.


CHAPTER #1 – How a Father Bartered with his 2 sons. Either I give you a small allowance OR you Do this 100.00 for 2 hrs work Strategy.

A – Subway

B – Top 2 Best Selling Subs

C – Bus Stop – with tray

D – Exactly What To Say…


CHAPTER #2 – A Funny Family Barter Deal Negotiation I Got to Watch

A – I sold a 15,000 seminar seat to Mac.

B – But His Wife Was Not Happy he was spending the munny.

C – She wanted another child. She BARTERED for a 5th Child if he tapped the bank account for 15K, airfare, hotel AND left her with 4 kids for a week.

D – Mac Bitched to me – about the Barrel his wife had him over. But ended up with an Extra kid in his family – in order to attend the 15K

Jay Abraham seminar.


CHAPTER #3 – Two MAGIC Questions we Ask to Find Out The WANTS and DISLIKES of new prospects. So We know If We Can help them by Selling them a Info Product or with Barter.

A – What do you _________ about the idea of Making Extra Munny?

B – What do you __________ about the idea of Turning a Proven Idea into Extra Cash?

C – What do You _________ about what you do? Or a Hobby?

D – What do you _________ about your current Situation?


CHAPTER #4 – The 7 Ways we ADD VALUE to The Munny Making Information We Create and Sell & Barter with – E-books, Audio Programs, Video books and Consulting/coaching.

A – 15 Jay Abraham seminars – we attended to meet Self made Millionaires.

B – Paid 426 mil mentor – Walter Hailey – 44Grand to go back to his Events inside his home in Hunt Texas.

C – Our Content is ONE OF A KIND – You won’t find the info Anywhere ELSE – cuz I BARTERED for the information – By Sharing ideas with 100’s of self made millionaire Entrepreneurs all over the world.

D – Most of our NLP or Hypnotic FLIRT and Marketing INFO comes from our BILLIONAIRE Watching Club. (Our Network of VIP Inner Circle Members sends in ideas and strategies they see self made billionaires using to TAKE OUR Munny – Invisibly using NLP Psychology.)

E – Then we FLIRT TEST the Sales and Marketing ideas – with Mastermind help from VIP’s all over the world. (Flirting is same TRUST Process as selling.)

F – You Have to Pass Our Golden Rule Test To “Buy Any of my 90+ *One of a kind* info products or talk to me by phone.” Only 1 or 20 new Subscribers to our F-r-e-e “Weird New Idea Testing Ezine” pass the Test and QUALIFY.


CHAPTER #5 – How 100’s of our VIP INNER CIRCLE members have made thousands By Adapting The BARTER Idea we Borrowed from a #1 Car Salesman and a millionaire Who Buys Foreclosed Houses Dr to Dr.

A – Pre-Written 3 by 5 Thank you note to Waitress or BarMaid. (Smile, Not Starve, Thank you for Giving This Thank you note and LOTTO ticket Tip to the cook.)

B – Thank you LOTTO tickets thru the meal.

C – 1.00 Coins or 2.00 Bill Tips – All thru the meal.

D – PROOF – How I Won an Apple Mini worth 350.00 By Tipping my Waitress all thru the meal.


CHAPTER #6 – Successful Barter FROM HOME – At Your Home Computer. Or on CraigsList or By Phone or Face to Face REQUIRES Communication.

NEW BARTER STORY – How We Bartered for Tons of Sand for the Garden – Using Craigs List.

A – Since Most Folks are DIFFERENT from you – You can’t understand them – they can’t understand You and Barter is Impossible.

B – I ask some simple Questions to Improve Communications. So I understand how the other person WANTS to be Spoken to.

C – Here’s what I mean – Just Suppose I’m talking to a man who sells Insurance FACE to Face. He and his team attend Sm business networking Meetings to find Prospects.

D – And I Email him about a 100 million dollar Sales Letter. OR a Phone Script that makes 400 million a year.

E – He will HATE THOSE IDEAS. Because his Favorite Communication Style is FACE to FACE!

Which makes Barter Impossible.

And ANY KIND of Conversation too.

F – ACTION SUMMARY – The above Insurance Agent EXISTS. Is one of my customers. Buys from me Because We Share Proven, Guaranteed Ideas that work IN HIS COMFORT Zone of Communication.

WHAT I say to Find Out Your Communication Style…

I – May I ask you a Question to Find out your Favorite Communication Style?

2 – Important cuz If You Write for a living from home and I share a 2 billion dollar Dr to Dr Sales System (I really do use this idea) – You will HATE IT.

3 – So please tell me.

Which Style is your FAVORITE?

  • Print
  • Phone
  • Face to face


CHAPTER #7 – What We Ask Strangers In Order to Find Hidden Barter Opportunities.

NEW BARTER STORY – We Find out a Guys Wife is about to have TWINS. He needs munny.

A – “May I ask you a few questions?

B – “The Reason Why” – Credentials – I wish to ask some questions.

C – “What do You ________?

D – “What do you ________ about that?

E – “If you won 200 mil in the LOTTERY what would you do First?


CHAPTER #8 – WEIRD Answers to Our Questions.

BARTER OPPORTUNITY – We Discover Pete Used to Live with his Mom who Made 350K a yr Taking care of Affluent Retirees at home. But Mom Retired back to France.

A – Pete Said, “Going to Church is about “Watching God.”

B – Pete Talked about his Mom Retiring from a 500K a yr job

C – Pete’s wife is about to have twins

D – Pete has been ordering dozens of Marketing Courses – without telling his Wife.

E – Pete wants to become a Consultant.


I – We Do All Kinds of consulting and coaching

II – We Coach Consultants

III – We Joint venture and Barter between and with Consultants – SO we have something to Barter that PETE Wants and is ALREADY buying.


CHAPTER #9 – The Flying Cow Barter System…

NEW BARTER STORY – How We Bartered a FLYING COW to go to the Head of the Line for FireWood Delivery.

NEW BARTER STORY –How a #1 Realtor Sent a Flying Cow to a Billionaire and Got Called on Stage and Thanked at a huge Real Estate Event and Signed a Joint Venture deal.

A – Drake emailed to say, “HA! Thanks Glenn. I couldn’t figure out where the Flying Cow Came From!”

B – IF I called you and asked, “Did you get my email OR Thank you note?” You won’t remember.

C – When I email or Phone to ask, “Did you get the FLYING COW I sent you?” HECK Yes you will remember!


I – You may ask, “How is this BARTER?”

II – Weird but sometimes after Shooting the FLYING COW around their office. Or watching their Kids Play with it. And hear the MOO MOO sounds. Customers sometimes Decide to BUY Something else from us.

III – So “Yes Virginia – It IS Possible to Deepen Trust and Barter a COW TOY for Extra Sales.”


CHAPTER #10 – How College Student Randy & I Started Bartering WEIRD Meditation INFO Back and Forth.

NEW BARTER OPP – Turns out Randy is Back from his island Shack

where he went for the summer. And now has TWO Girl friends – and NEEDS A Lot more munny to support 2 women.

A – ANSWER – “When I’m meditating everything just STOPS.”

B – ME – “When I’m meditating I fall asleep.”

C – RANDY Laughs –

D – ME – “But I have this 5000 yr old Exercise I got from a world famous Surgeon – that I do every morning which quiets my mind. EXCEPT for the Massive SEX ENERGY.”

E – Randy – “Oh, I can help you with that. Here’s a video on how to TRANSMUTE the Sex Energy and use it elsewhere.

F – ME – “The video Exercise your friend Richard sent me – Made me dizzy AND I got a headache.”

G – Randy – “OOPS. Ok – try this instead.” (Amazingly it worked.)


Now – I can go out and cut Grass with the scythe for 4 Hours Straight or Cut wood. Swing a Sledge Hammer and split wood for hours. Not bad at age 60.


CHAPTER #11 – Terry Just Started Marketing Consulting

A – What do You LIKE BEST about making 25K Extra?

B – Freedom to accomplish my ideas

C – 1.00 to million dollar – do it and prove it

D – Investing in good – positive people – helping people


CHAPTER #12 – Nancy Lost her License due to Drunk Driving.

NEW BARTER STORY – Nancy has 2 jobs. Hostess at a Restaurant and Clerk at Vitamin Store. We shared proven ideas for both. In Return Nancy bought our MOOLAH Attraction System.

A – What do You Like Best about the idea of getting your car back?

B – “Being able to drive

C – F-r-e-edom to go wherever I want

D – Visiting my Family more often


CHAPTER #13 – Ted has a Cat

A – What Do LIKE BEST about your Cat?

B – Very affectionate – especially with my son

C – Good because he is an only child

D – I have a lot of love for my son


CHAPTER #14 – Susan told us she has a Best Friend

A – What do you Like Best about having a Best Friend?

B – I can Relax – he is like Guard dog, Dad and friend all rolled into one

C – I Feel Safe

D – I love him and he loves me


CHAPTER #15 – Candy likes to read books

A – What do You Like about Reading the most?

B – Candy reads about Oedipus – (Killed his father – married his mother)

C – Likes to write stories

D – Instead of college I joined a Circus and learned to be a Clown and Juggler. And now I own my own Million dollar sales business.

PLUS a couple Dozen New Barter Stories Not Found at

  • Thanks,
  • Glenn Osborn
  • Millionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
  • Rentamentor Group
  • Master of Ceremonies at the Billionaire Watching Club