Free Lunch Barter Ad

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My friend Phil came up with this.
His humor is kind of sly.
You KNOW the saying – “There is no such thing as a FREE LUNCH.”
This Ad began to pull dozens and dozens of phone calls from
small business owners.
Phil said they’d call him up and GROWL.  “HOW are you going to DO THAT?”
Here’s his ad.
FREE LUNCH for Small Biz Owners.
Investor Looking to Buy Your Biz
& Pay for it out of Increased Profits.
Call Phil at #
Why did this ad work so well?
Everywhere it ran?
Because Biz owners were CURIOUS.
They didn’t care about the Freebie Lunch.
But the fact that PHIL was willing to PAY for Lunch
Forced them to THINK – “By golly – this SOB just might know how to DO IT.
Steal my biz and not pay a dime out of pocket.”
AND so they called and
went to Lunch with Phil.