Free Food for a Week And a Barter Fee

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I’d been at the hotel a few weeks 
and I  was sitting on the steps outside the hotel 
chatting to the builders from next door. 
An old Cypriot guy, 
he always talked to me when he saw me. 
He said something about needing a new supplier 
for the curtains and the towels etc. 
My ears pricked up because I remembered 
the client I was Working with saying that his 
family had a textile business.
They supplied all the hotels in Switzerland
with towels.
So I told him I knew just the person for him to talk to.
Went upstairs and woke my guy up and told him
Cypriot guy needed a supplier for textiles.
They did some deal and I got a finders fee and
free food from the Cypriots family restaurant 
at the end of the road for the rest of the week.