Fortune Cookie Barter

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Mentor #1 – Earl in Texas – told me how he closed
big Real Estate deals – teetering on the edge of falling apart
by grabbing the hands of a buyer/Staring him in the eyes and saying, 

“Don’t You LOVE Me Anymore?”

Mentor #2 – Mike Fry at

Told me how he barters for Appointments
using a Giant Strawberry Flavor Fortune Cookie Dipped in Chocolate.


When I was facing a DEADLINE with a Client in the “Equipment Rental”
Industry and couldn’t get the Editor of the #1 Trade Magazine to OK
My Article.

I Fed Ex’d him a Giant Fortune Cookie
with an 8 by 10 page inside that said, 
“Don’t You LUV Me Enough to Give the Final OK on My Article?”

Left 2 Voice Mails.

One Fax.

And one Email asking the SAME THING?

“Did you get the GIANT Strawberry/Chocolate Fortune Cookie
Note I sent you?”

3rd Phone call
The EDITOR Took my call. (Funny thing. HE said, “Nobody has EVER sent me
a Giant Chocolate dipped Fortune Cookie Before.)

Article Got approved.

Client happy.

And I got PAID.