Fortune Cookie Barter Triangle

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Thanks Gordon,
Here is what I did to Create a Situation where I Got F-r-e-e
Fortune Cookies for Several Years.  1000’s of Free Fortune Cookies.
FIRST – Mike at and I were talking.  And Mike
said, “I’d love to have a bunch more Wedding Planner Customers.  They
Order a LOT of Fortune Cookies.”
So I Offered to Try and Find Him “A bunch” of these Wedding Planner folks
since they were among his best prospects.
***IF – Mike would let me Give Away FORTUNE COOKIE Thank you Baskets.
***IF – I found him 50 or more Mike Agreed to Mail Customized Thank you
Fortune Cookie Baskets to my Marketing Consulting Prospects BEFORE I called them.
***And IF – Mike would give me the Name, Address and Ph # and Job Title
a Bunch of his Best Repeat Buyers of Fortune Cookies to call up.
ALL of WHICH WE Agreed on.
FUNNY THINGS HAPPEN When you offer to Help Business Owners
THANK REWARD their Best Clients.
call into the List was to TOM – Whose job Title is “Banquet Facilities Manager” at a major Hotel in
Tom LOVED the idea of Paying NOTHING to Send a Thank You Basket of
Fortune Cookies to HIS Best – Most Frequent Banquet Facilities Users – Wedding
Planner Company owners.
I asked Tom, “How many Wedding Planner Clients do you have?”
Tom said, “Oh, a few HUNDRED.”
ME – “COUGH, Cough, Cough.  Sorry frog in my throat.”
I called Mike up with the GOOD NEWS.
And Mike said, “Thanks.  Please STOP.  I’ve gotta call Tom at the Hotel
and figure out what Fortune Cookie Baskets he wants to send 200 to 300
Wedding Planners.  And THEN figure out how to Follow up with all of them.”
IF BARTER is Trading goods and Services for other Goods and Services
without munny.
IF Barter is Swapping Value for Value.
a – We Traded Our Time And Experience to Find 300 of Mikes Best
Prospects – in Return for some Free Gifts for MY Prospects.
b – Then Mike Traded 300 Thank you Reward Fortune Cookie Baskets
to the Facilities Manager at the Hotel (Thank You Rewards That got the Hotel
More Bookings) – to Get INTRODUCED to
300 Wedding Planners.
Sort of Mind Boggling if you think about
the Possibilities for this idea.