F-R-E-E Lunch For a Year Story

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Dale has a Seminar Training Biz in Paris.

Ate at the same Restaurants every day.

While Chatting we suggested a way for Dale to EAT FREE every day.

He took action.

Reported back he WAS NOW Eating Lunch every day for NOTHING.


There IS A F-r-e-e LUNCH
in the world of Barter.


Dale Owns Our Instant Handwriting Analysis mp3 Program.

Step I – He did a full page “Personality Profile” – of the handwritten Chalk Board Menu – out front of the Restaurant

Step II – Showed The Written “Personality Profile” to his waitress.

Step III – She took him back to see the owner.    (Who wrote the menu)

Step IV – Dale said, “I eat here or across the street every day of the week.  I bring 5 or 6 people with me
each time.  IF I eat here at Your Restaurant regularly instead of across the street – can I eat F-r-e-e?”

The owner said, “Yes.”